I help AMBITIOUS, women with children & Mompreneurs become a QUEEN within ALL AREAS of their life again!


Hi beautiful mama… My name is Rochelle. Here’s what I mean but the term “QUEEN”...

A QUEEN is a woman who EMBODY'S her Truth, Honors her deepest Desires & Prioritizes her Feminine Self-care WHILE creating Business &/or Life she LOVES! THAT is success in my eyes.



Rochelle is a Transformational Life & Success Coach (or Queen Embodiment Coach as I like to call myself) for ambitious, SOUL-DRIVEN women who feel "out-of-alignment" to their feminine essence, their deepest desires and their feminine power to intentionally create success on their terms. No more doing and living out of OBLIGATION, PEOPLE-PLEASING & SELF-INFLICTED GUILT..

She helps women entrepreneurs and mompreneurs re-align to their intuition, deepest desires and feminine essence to ultimately create an ON-PURPOSE LIFE, RELATIONSHIP & BUSINESS.

Through first taking them through the deep inner work of her 4 pillars of "Queen Embodiment", which means tapping into their internal wisdom & radiance within to start intentionally creating their life, caring for themselves as queens and re-designing a business that is in alignment to her deepest desires, pleasure & joy. she then supports women globally to start embodying their INNER QUEEN to create Life & Business Success!



Rochelle's 4 pillars of "Queen Embodiment":



her ability to tap into her internal wisdom/intuition first.


her ability to KNOW who she is & the woman, wife, mother & entrepreneur she is meant to be in this world.


her ability to use both her masculine & feminine tools, practices & characteristics to create her beautiful life & business.


her ability to feel PURE RADIANCE & CONFIDENCE in herself & her new-found QUEEN-HOOD & CREATE SUCCESS ON HER TERMS.



I'm all about empowering A woman to intentionally create her DREAM LIFE & business, Have a PASSION-FILLED RELATIONSHIP & Feel LIKE A POWERFUL, RADIANT WOMAN SHE REALLY IS.


by first DISCOVERING her QUEEN within...


What I believe in...

  • God/The Creator of the Universe

  • Real conversations.. not the surface-level sh*t

  • Raising your babies & pursuing your dreams simultaneously

  • Living an abundant life.. it's our BIRTHRIGHT

  • Personal development & the power of Transformational Coaching

  • The law of attraction & the laws of the universe

  • The best invesment a woman can make is in HERSELF

  • Natural beauty is the most beautiful thing of a woman

  • Pleasure is KEY to our power as women

  • Coffee is to be enjoyed with milk.. period.

What I'm all about...

  • Having "Queen-time" daily

  • Baths with Epsom salts, lit candle & soft music

  • Saying NO when I mean No

  • Online shopping in bed

  • Hot beverages...tea, coffee.. literally anything <3

  • Date nights with my man, at least one per month MIN!

  • Seeing millennial moms SHINE & #Slay their dreams & Desires

  • Desire Mapping

  • Luxe purse collections...

  • Books that make me feel powerful

  • RnB music - 90's are my jam..

  • Coconut oil as a body moisturizer


Areas of what my coaching Programs COVER:

  • Feminine Essence & the POWER of self-care, daily rituals to support of sensuality, women cycles & needs to be the BEST version of ourselves

  • Creating a business model that allows you to do less yet make more impact & wealth in the process

  • Creating a QUEEN Mindset - digging out the "junk" to welcome in our new beliefs about ourselves that empower & support our UP-LEVEL

  • Feminine & Masculine principles of owning, growing & having a thriving Business that brings you JOY

  • PLEASURE for getting back in touch with the fun, Radiant & sensual woman you were before the kids

  • Self-WORTH & Self-Care to show up to life as the Best Versions of ourselves & feel WORTHY of all we desire

  • Self-Compassion for ourselves - because after all, we are human & mamas, which we need to remember that

  • Confidence - to remember who we truly are as woman, what makes us special & how we can show up daily OWNING it!

  • Boundary-setting - at home and in business to allow better TIME-MANAGEMENT, adequate self-care time & creativity while being a loving wife, mother & business owner

  • "Balancing" Busy Motherhood with our own DESIRES, GOALS & self-care as a woman - which isn't really balance at all!

And much more. This work that we will do together is HIGHLY Customized to your individual needs, to allow your own path to Transformation to unfold beautifully.




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