10-WEEK Group Program 

Helping OVER-BURDENED Moms to THRIVE at Home, in her Relationships & Motherhood…

creating her Queenhood at the FOUNDATION…AT HOME where it starts!

This Program was Created For the busy, overburdened Mom who feels exhausted, disconnected from her well-being & struggles with guilt for desiring more for her life…

She wants to reclaim her queen… starting at home.. 

I know how you are feeling mama...

Frazzled, all-over the place, overwhelmed & overburdened with ALL that you have on your plate at home, with you kids and work/business..

LOST to your sense of femininity & the desires of your heart as a woman..

Out-of-touch with what you wanted for your life… your vision/goals for yourself and what you had imagined and dreamed of.. now feeling so FAR AWAY from where you currently are..

Making absolutely NO TIME, space or prioritization for your self-care, mental well-being, pleasure and JOY… and feeling guilty when you do try to make some time for it..

Missing the feeling of SISTERHOOD & community.. where safe to talk about everything, to let down your walls and not be judged, misunderstood or pushed to a specific answer by well-meaning loved ones & friends...

Wanting MORE FROM LIFE without feeling like a selfish b*tch for even considering it, while you have been blessed with beautiful kids and family whom you love..

I know these feelings all to well my love…

because I am NO DIFFERENT from you

You would MUCH rather live your life feeling…

In-touch with your body and it’s unique needs… your Intuition… and your Pleasure & Sensuality again as a beautiful, Feminine-being.

A deep sense of sisterhood and supportive community of other like-minded moms who are going through very similar things as you, each on their own path to Reclaiming their Inner Queen alongside of you.

Accomplished and in-alignment to yourself due to creating a new Queen Time Self-care practice and daily ritual that will feel delicious, enjoyable and easy for you to prioritize within your busy schedule as a mom, partner and career/business woman/stay-at-home superSHEO.

A beautiful feeling of being RESPECTED and UNDERSTOOD at home with NEW Boundaries in place that will allow more time and space for your WELL-BEING & Joy to re-emerge.

Crystal clear on your Desires and the next steps to take on moving forward towards those Desires, Purpose & Passion everyday, that will allow you to feel MORE of how you DESIRE to feel.



Why me, you ask?…


I was that millennial mom who was so ambitious before having my kids and starting a family, that when I did transition into being those things by age 22, I felt a deep sense of lost identity… I didn’t know who I was suppose to be anymore; the 20-something year old ambitious woman who is going after the life she desires OR the 20-something wife and mama who had responsibilities and wanted the best for her growing family and marriage.

I quickly got LOST in the roles I had created for myself… that within them, my own JOY, well-being and contentment to life started suffering greatly.

This showed up in ways I wouldn’t ever thought it could…

  • stupid, petty arguments with my spouse about MONEY, MY LACK OF TIME and OUR SEX LIFE… (or lack of)

  • complete impatience with my kids, especially on the days I was overwhelmed with it all and it reflected on them.. sad faces and temper-tantrums on the kitchen floor

  • even my friendships.. the ones I barley had left from becoming a mom in my early 20’s… that resulted in ignored texts or cut short convo’s of me barley listening to their situations they were explaining (BAD FRIEND)

Have you been there before boo?

If so, we have so much in common than you realize…

After truly giving myself permission to NO LONGER settle for the life I had created unconsciously from my un-happiness and burnout and the feelings of discontent while still wanting to be the best mom and wife I could be…

I chose to elicit some help from world-Class mentors that truly TRANSFORMED my mindset, self-care game and relationship to my ambition that ultimately allowed me to FIND MYSELF again!

Or better yet…


Within this time, I started to see the missing link that was undiscovered all along



All of which first starts AT HOME.



This is why I created this course.. with INTENTION, for the woman/mom who is struggling to be "all that life expects" her to be, and STILL be the woman she desires to be and FEEL like in Business, Love & at Home!

The Queen Embodiment Foundation: 10-week Program for busy moms




Who is this Program for?


…the busy corporate woman who feels overwhelmed, exhausted and so far from her desires, feminine well-being & sensuality as a woman that it is affecting her relationships, her Joy & her sanity (and sex life!)...

…the ambitious women entrepreneur who feels tired of the "hustle" that is resulting in her forgetting about the beauty of balnce between her ambition, her family and her well-being as a woman 1st, and desires to feel more at ease & in FLOW with her life & what she is creating.

…the burnt-out, self-less stay-at-home mama who is completely exhausted from putting everyone's needs first, leaving her feeling, depleted, resentful and almost like a "slave-girl" to her family & struggles with GUILT in wanting more for HER!



Within this 10-week program, I will intimately walk you through, step-by-step my FOUR PILLARS OF Queen Embodiment that will allow you to build a foundation for your path to your queenhood


  1. Welcome week/Orientation (week 1)

  • I will get you ready for the program to truly set you up for success for the remainder of the weeks ahead

  • we will come together to do a LIVE Call on getting to know each other (sisterhood remember?), get your materials ready for what you will need for the program (easy things you can pick up at your nearest Wal-mart, bookstore &/or dollar-store) plus, a list of my most used Apps that will support you and your well-being that is totally FREE!

  • At the end of our call, we will set Intentions 1-by-1 on what we desire to accomplish for ourselves and goals for this program.

2. Pillar 1 - GUIDANCE (Weeks 2 & 3)

  • We will work on gaining clarity on your desires and wants (maybe for the first time), and what has stopped you from giving yourself those desires and wants

  • I will also be teaching on your Connection to your Intuition - YOUR POWER SOURCE for all things YOU… your well-ness.. your body’s GPS system and how to practically use this in every day life at home, in your relationship & your self-care as a busy mom

2. ALIGNMENT (Week 4 & 5)

  • We will uncover “what needs to change NOW…” in your life and home-life, allowing awareness into these emotional triggers and how to change them starting now

  • Discover and get clear on what you need to do to FEEL the way you desire to feel - now knowing what needs to change in various areas of your life

3. BALANCE (Week 6 & 7)

  • Self-Care, Self-love & Pleasure ritual creation will be happening this week - 1 of my FAVOURITE parts of this course! I call this “ QUEEN TIME”..

  • We will also be covering BOUNDARY SETTING in the home with you partner, you children and what that will look like for each of our unique situations and lifestyles

  • Uncover what is PRIORITY and what needs to get DROPPED ASAP - to free up more time & space for what matters… YOUR JOY.

4. EMBODIMENT (Week 8 & 9)

  • During the final 2 weeks of my last Pillar, we will be tying together all that we learned in the previous weeks to create your QUEEN EMBODIMENT at home, in relationship/love and motherhood - what does that look like, how will it feel to you and how you can continuously align back to it when you drift away..

  • We will be exploring what it looks like to Embody your Queen in every area of your life… and sustain it moving forward, beyond this program!

5. Wrap-up & Next Steps and Beyond as Queen of your life… starting at home (week 10)

  • What are your final questions? Get them answered on this call live!

  • Where you can find resources, books and supportive tools to help you maintain the Queen you’ve proudly created in this program…

  • All this and more will be discussed in our final call together <3




The dates of this 10-week program:

Program dates: July 5, 2019 - September 13, 2019 (total 10 weeks, 1 break during week of July 26th)

Week 1 - Jul 5th: Orientation

Week 2 - July 12th: Pillar 1 - Guidance - part one

Week 3 - July 19th: Pillar 1 - Guidance - part two

**BREAK: We will take a break for 1 week and resume Aug 2nd**

Week 4 - Aug 2nd: Pillar 2 - Alignment - part one

Week 5 - Aug 9th: Pillar 2 - part two

Week 6 - Aug 16th: Pillar 3 - Balance - part one

Week 7 - Aug 23rd: Pillar 3 - Balance - part two

Week 8 - Aug 30th: Pillar 4 - Embodiment - part one

Week 9 - Sept 6th: Pillar 4 - part two

Week 10 - Sept 13th: WRAP-UP CALL - Next Steps as Queen & Beyond..

What you get inside this program:

  1. Weekly Training Videos Live inside Private Facebook Group - these will include the training for the week + “assignments” for mamas that week (will remain inside group for entire length of program - if missed or whats to go back to them - 30mins or less)

  2. Weekly Group Calls over ZOOM - These are 60-min to 90-min “Check-in Calls” with all participants each week (Will be recorded & uploaded into group to re-listen if desired… at mama’s leisure)

  3. Weekly Support inside group - Tag me, ask a question, go live, share and support one-another while I support you all - I will be inside the group throughout each day during business hours- 9am-6pm est)

  4. Additional Resources, Reading List Recommendations & Inspirational Content shared into the group throughout the week to keep you INSPIRED, On your Path to Queen and feeling extremely “loved-on” & supported (because us moms need some TLC too! That’s where I come in)


5. DAILY VOXER SUPPORT - Intimate, FAST & high-level voice-support during business hours till 8PM EST (2 additional hours of my time because well.. emergencies happen!)

6. WEEKEND MINI-RETREAT! 2-night stay in BlueMountain/Collingwood Ontario Villa-home with me and your other VIP Queen Sisterhood!!!! (possibly worth the entire investment of this program! Meals & Accommodations included, plus additions surprises!!)

Daily Threads for Q&A, Fun Polls and additional conversation with your fellow Queen-sisterhood for relationship-building, support & fun chats inside private Facebook group!



(+ mINI RETREAT IN bLUE Mountain for vip option queens)?

Regular 10-Week Option -

  • 10 Weekly 60-90min group calls on Zoom- RECORDED (value $3500)

  • 8 Weekly 30-min (or less) Training Videos inside the Private Facebook group (value $500)

  • Weekly transformational “Assignments”, journal prompts & resources to work through at your own pace in cultivating your Queenhood from the foundation-up (value $250)

  • Private Facebook group for extra support within daily office hours, Q & A threads plus connection-based Queen-sisterhood community (value $500)

TOTAL VALUE - $4,750 


EARLY BIRD PRICING(Paid in full): $100-OFF = $1,100 (Valid till Jun 28th)



VIP Queen 10-Week Option + MINI RETREAT -

  • 10 Weekly 60-90min group calls on Zoom- RECORDED (value $3500)

  • 8 Weekly 30-min (or less) Training Videos inside the Private Facebook group (value $500)

  • Weekly transformational “Assignments”, journal prompts & resources to work through at your own pace in cultivating your Queenhood from the foundation-up (value $250)

  • Private Facebook group for extra support within daily office hours, Q & A threads plus connection-based Queen-sisterhood community (value $500) 


  • DAILY VOXER SUPPORT - during business hours till 8PM EST (2 additional hours of my PRIVATE time!) (Value $1000)

  • WEEKEND MINI-RETREAT! 2-night stay in BlueMountain/Collingwood Ontario Villa-home (Value $2000)


TOTAL VALUE - $7,750 


EARLY BIRD PRICING(Paid in full): $200-OFF = $1,600 (Valid till Jun 28th)



Screenshot 2019-06-06 19.15.27.png




Choose from these Options:


I truly know from my own personal journey & experience, Moms ESPECIALLY require so much support at home and in their over-all life because we are constantly using up our energy, time & resources towards those we love and care about.

Between our relationships/marriages..

Our Motherhood daily experiences..

The emotions we let “BOTTLE-UP” inside of us with out ever telling anyone..

And those daily nuances that comes up and knock us off our path to our Queenhood…

And it doesn’t matter how many children we have, if we are single-moms or in partnership with our spouse raising our children & household care….

We truly need someone who can HOLD SPACE FOR OUR NEEDS… OUR DESIRES… OR WELL-BEING..

And our JOY.

Let me and this unique program be that sacred container of SUPPORT you crave Queen.

And to make this program offer even a little more J U I C Y for you darling…


I am offering the FIRST 3 QUEENS to register (and pay IN-FULL) - $50 CASH to use towards their favourite Spa Treatment of their choice!!

This program and all it’s delicious components that it offers is the ONLY WAY to work with me in such a private, high-level way outside of my 4-figure investment 1:1 coaching packages! My Private Clients have to pay TRIPLE THIS AMOUNT to work with me intimately…

This is YOUR CHANCE to have the opportunity to work closely with me at this insane investment price (especially the VIP option with RETREAT!) before the costs increase the next time I offer this program!


What would it mean & be WORTH for you to experience. . .

  • Deeper intimacy with yourself as a Powerful, Sensually Feminine & Unique Queen who allows herself to FEEL the way she desires to feel at home, in her relationships and motherhood?

  • Clearly defined personal desires & life goals for yourself outside of those relating to Motherhood OR relationship and have created a beautiful plan of action to move forward with what you want step-by-step alongside everything else going on in your life?

  • To break away from “BUSY” and overwhelmed mom and move into Intentional, slower living and PRESENCE with yourself, your beautiful family and your well-being as TOP priority again?

  • Have Built a strong foundation and better boundaries at home that Protect & Sustain your Well-being and “Queen-Time” practices?

  • FREEDOM FROM “MOM-GUILT” one and for all, now knowing deep within your soul that the way you FEEL at Home, In your Relationship & in Motherhood is what determines how you ultimately SHOW UP in those areas?

I bet it would FEEL pretty DAMN GOOD… don’t you?



Choose your Option:




I know you Queen..

We are not much different at all. I too struggled to find my balance with all that life had thrown at me AND STILL be a radiant, feminine woman with dreams and goals of her own. I had the husband to love and show affection to, the busy kids to entertain and care for, the job AND business to focus on and grow... and still make time to be a woman who takes care of herself and her personal needs... yet I DIDN'T.

I became over-worked, overwhelmed and not in-touch with my body, my internal guidance system and my desires. That lead me down the path to BURN-OUT and EXHAUSTION daily. I knew I couldn't continue living like this, feeling like an 87 year old woman by night and only 29 years young in reality. I had to make a CHANGE and FAST! My body, my self-care and my CONNECTION to my intuition needed to become my TOP PRIORITY so that I could show up to life feeling fully myself again, feeling supported, beautiful and feminine again! As well as be the woman, wife & mama I desired to be.

So I started to make small, daily changes... I started reading every book on self-care, feminine energy, desires, and intuition. I started to practice feminine embodiment tools, practices and daily rituals. And that is where THIS Program came into being. My soul KNEW that these topics were a common struggle of many moms around the world, ambitious yet burnt out moms, READY to make a change just like I was.

This is your chance to lay the FOUNDATION of Reclaiming your Queen. First starting at home.. where you build your “castle”...

This course will be your ticket to that transformation.

xo Rochelle


1. Is there refund option on this course?

Unfortunately, No my love. For any real transformation, one must always have a level of RISK & 100% commitment to whatever she desires to change for herself. This course will FOR SURE change the way you live, think and go about your life, and I can honestly say that with FULL QUEEN CONFIDENCE.

2. Why is this stuff important to me now and my life goals? Couldn't I just take a bath, meditate and get on with everything?

Self-care, Well-being & Boundary setting at home is much more than "baths" or a little TLC, once in a while. This type of CHANGE calls for a new way of thinking.. a new way of BEING and a new way of showing up at home and in your relationships to those you love & care about! What this program teaches you will go FAR beyond just physical ways of embodying your feminine Queen, and ultimately, getting you ready to RECLAIM the QUEEN you’ve always had within you…within all areas of your life!

3. Will this work for me though? I am already busy as it is...

You always get what you EXPECT to receive my love. That is a life principle that we will also be diving into in the program as Queens of our lives. If you know that you need a change from that “BUSY” badge of honour and you are allowing yourself to STAY "busy… then you will realize that the will only CONTINUE THE BUSY. The first step to transforming this in your life at home first, starts with the DECISION and EXPECTATION to change this mentality and use what you learn in this program to experience RESULTS and permanent transformation in this area.

4. What if I can't make the LIVE call or I am not able to keep up with our weekly action-items?

Not a problem Queen. This program is LIVE, however, you will always have access to the recordings of each training video and call, so even if you fall behind or miss a call or two… because I know as moms, life happens… you will have access to all things inside the Private Facebook group after they are complete and be able to revisit them in your own leisure time. The whole point of this course is to have the sisterhood and transformation together as a GROUP but you will not miss anything if you can't make a call. That's why the private Facebook group will be your GO-TO place to remain active, see what's going on for that week and get support, make new "queen-hood" friendships and stay in the loop throughout the program!

5. When does the course OFFICIALLY START?

The course kicks off with our Orientation call Friday July 5th at 12PM EST, where you will receive your first Group call with me and your Queen-sisterhood, along with action-items to get your prepared for the program. Our first LIVE group ZOOM call will be on Friday Jul 12th 12PM EST. Upon registration, you will receive INSTANT ACCESS to our private Facebook group to introduce yourself, get the Link to our first ZOOM call & start getting to know your Queen sistershood!

6. What if I want to choose the VIP option but can’t make the Mini Retreat?

That can definitely be worked around darling. You would then have two options - join-in ‘virtually” through Various Video Calls during our sessions from the comfort of joining in right from your home OR, save the amount put towards the mini retreat for another program offering from me (No fuss or hassle. Will be valid for only 1 year after retreat takes place for you to use towards any other offering I have on the go, besides my in-person Workshops)

7. When will the Retreat be & what’s included?

The Retreat will take place towards the end of the Program, most-likely Sept 2019! The official dates and details will be provided to the program Queens in the early stage of the course starting! The Retreat option for VIP’s will include All meals, Accommodations & special surprises when there! All you have to do it get to the location!


Any other Questions?


And Remember…

**First 3 women to Join ANY option of the program, paying in Full, will receive
$50 CASH towards a Spa treatment of their choice!**