For modern, SOUL-DRIVEN women who feel "out-of-alignment" from their desires, feminine essence & power..


How would it FEEL to you if...

  • you no longer felt out of control with the way your life was unfolding & your level of satisfaction with it?
  • you have done the "inner-work" to the clarity on who your truly are underneath all the "old programming" from family, society & emotional events from your past and feel TRULY YOURSELF again?
  • you stopped allowing overwhelm & busyness to keep you stuck from improving the quality of your life, relationships, career/business and intentionally creating your deepest desires?
  • you felt EMPOWERED to back into the drivers seat of your life instead of just "going-through-the-motions" & re-awaken the POWERFUL force you are and at the same time be deliciously feminine & radiant?
  • you NO LONGER suppressed the DESIRES & NEEDS you have from living in your TRUTH as a woman with BIG dreams & goals?
  • you FINALLY got out of that masculine "BUSY MONKEY-MIND" and got back into your beautiful body, feeling fully in alignment and in-touch with your natural internal guidance system (aka your Intuition) for all of your answers
  • you now knew and understood the POWERFUL connection for a woman between PLEASURE, POWER & CLARITY?


The answer:

You would feel like the BEAUTIFUL, FEMININE & RADIANT Queen of your life & Business again.


I created this course INTENTIONALLY for the woman who is struggling to be "all that life expects" her to be, and STILL be the woman she desires to be and FEEL like in Business, Love & Life!




Who is this course for?


This is for the busy corporate woman who feels overwhelmed, exhausted and so far from her desires, feminine essence & pleasure/power as a woman that it is affecting her relationships, her well-being & her sanity.

This is for the ambitious women entrepreneur is tired of the "hustle" that is resulting in her forgetting about the beauty of balance, presence and clarity that comes with ease & being in FLOW.

This is for the burnt-out, stressed mama who is exhausted from putting everyone's needs first, leaving her feeling, depleted, "slave-girl-ish" to her family & not in her radiant, feminine receiving nature.



my FOUR PILLARS to Embodying your QUEEN that this course will work through


1. GUIDANCE (Weeks 1 & 2)

  • Intuition & internal guidance strengthening

  • Desires, CDF's & pleasure to get back into alignment with your feminine essence & POWER

2. ALIGNMENT (Week 3)

  • Life Purpose & Clarity

  • Discoverinh & Honouring your truth as a woman

  • Breaking the old patterns & programming to step into your AUTHENTIC version of YOU.

3. BALANCE (Week 4 & 5)

  • Self-Care - Self-love, Pleasure & Sustainable life design

  • Creating Balance - Masculine & Feminine Traits & tools for busy, soul-driven women

  • Structures & Boundary-setting to maintain our Wellness & feminine

4. EMBODIMENT (Week 6)

  • Confidence & Power as the woman you are now

  • Feminine Radiance & Queen-Success Principles




Here's a BREAKDOWN of the 6-week Curriculum we will cover together


Week 1 - June 25th:

"How do you DESIRE TO FEEL?"

the re-introduction to DESIRE, Clarity & Pleasure and how BOTH together creates a POWERFUL woman.

Week 2 - July 2nd:

"How do you connect to your internal guidance & what is the importance of that connection to becoming a QUEEN of your life?"

Intuition strengthening through various feminine essence techniques, tools & practices PLUS the POWER of Presence & Graceful Mindset work to unlocking your superpower and success and clarity with more ease & joyfulness.

Week 3 - July 9th

"Who are you and who do you desire to be in this world?"

Honouring your truth, intentionally creating your life & success by confidently standing in your power and owning that sh*t. No more hiding, guilt-tripping or lying to yourself & others.

Week 4 - July 19th:

"What will you have to do to FEEL good?"

Self-care for radical healing and sustainability as an ambitious, soul-driven women in this modern world.. what that looks like and how you can design a daily lifestyle/routine that includes this important area of being a QUEEN.

Week 5 - July 23rd:

"How can you create a beautiful balance in your life to protect your FEMININE ESSENCE yet create life success & satisfaction with your goals?"

Creating balance using BOTH Masculine & Feminine principles & structures for Queen-Success.

Week 6 - July 30th:

"How will you WALK-OUT & EMBODY the woman you have created yourself to be moving forward?"

Embodying your QUEEN, with Confidence, Radiance & Power daily. This final module will help you with easy strategies and tools to continue the evolution of the Queen you've become within all the areas of your life.



Each week, you will get:

*Email with Action Items & Journal Prompts coming out on Monday morning

*LIVE 2-HOUR Group calls every Friday afternoon!

*Daily Threads for Q&A and additional support, resources & fun chats inside private Facebook group


What is INCLUDED in this 6-week course?


  • SIX Weekly 2-HOUR group calls - RECORDED (value $4000)
  • Private Facebook group for extra support, daily office hours Q & A plus connection-based Queen-hood community (value $300)
  • Weekly action items, journal prompts & resources emailed straight to your inbox to work on at your own pace (value $200)
  • BONUS: First 10 women to join course gets a FREE 30-MIN Coaching call that can be used anytime within the course length. (Value $250)


TOTAL value of this LIVE course: $4750



$397 (save $101)


3 x bi-weekly payments of $166






I know you Queen..

We are not much different at all. I too struggled to find my balance with all that life had thrown at me AND STILL be a radiant, feminine woman with dreams and goals of her own. I had the husband to love and show affection to, the busy kids to entertain and care for, the job AND business to focus on and grow... and still make time to be a woman who takes care of herself and her personal needs... yet I DIDN'T. I became over-worked, overwhelmed and not in-touch with my body, my internal guidance system and my desires. That lead me down the path to BURN-OUT and EXHAUSTION daily. I knew I couldn't continue living like this, feeling like an 87 year old woman by night and only 28 years young in reality. I had to make a CHANGE and FAST! My body, my self-care and my CONNECTION to my intuition needed to become my TOP PRIORITY so that I could show up to life feeling fully myself again, supported, beautiful and radiating with that feminine GLOW! As well as be the woman, wife & mama I desired to be. So I started to make small, daily changes... I started reading every book on self-care, feminine energy, desires, and intuition. I started to practice feminine essence tools and daily rituals. And that is where THIS COURSE came into being. My soul KNEW that these topics were a common struggle of many women around the world, ambitious yet burnt out women, just like I was.

This is your chance to gain back your power, our radiance & your feminine essence Queen. The world deserves to experience you at your BEST. This course will be your ticket to that transformation.

xo Rochelle


1. Is there refund option on this course?

No my love. For any real transformation, one must always have a level of RISK & 100% commitment to whatever she desires to change for herself. This course will FOR SURE change the way you live, think and go about your life, and I can honestly say that with FULL QUEEN CONFIDENCE.

2. Why is this stuff important to me now and my life goals? Couldn't I just take a bath, meditate and get on with everything?

Self-care and feminine essence practices are much more than "baths" or a little TLC once in a while. This calls for a new way of thinking.. a new way of being and a new way of allowing people to treat you. What this course teaches you will go far beyond just physical ways of embodying your feminine, but really, getting you ready to become the QUEEN of all areas of your life, both internally & externally.

3. Will this work for me though? I am already busy as it is...

You always get what you EXPECT to receive my love. That is a life principle that we will also be diving into in the course as Queens of our lives. If you know that you need a change and you are allowing "busy" to keep you... BUSY... then you will realize that the only way to experience transformation is to change how you are living. That first starts with the DECISION and EXPECTATION that you will use what you learn in this course to experience RESULTS and permanent transformation.

4. What if I can't make the LIVE call or I am not able to keep up with our weekly action-items?

Not a problem Queen. This course is LIVE, however, you also get the recordings and action-item emails to keep for LIFE, so even if you fall behind or miss a call, you will get access to the recordings after they are complete and be able to revisit them in your own time. The whole point of this course is to have the sisterhood and transformation together as a GROUP but you will not miss anything if you can't make a call. That's why the private Facebook group will be your GO-TO place to remain active, see what's going on for that week and get support, make new "queen-hood" friends and stay in the loop throughout the course!

5. When does the course OFFICIALLY START?

The course starts Monday June 25th at 10AM EST, where you will receive your first weekly email with your action-items and journal prompts. Our first LIVE group call will be on Friday June 29th 12:30PM EST. That week's email, you will get the link to the live call and any items to have prepared for that call. However, upon registration, you will receive INSTANT ACCESS to the private Facebook group to start getting to know your Queen-hood sisters!


Join us Queen!


**First 10 women to register get a BONUS 30-MIN Private Coaching Call to use within the program (valued $250)**