To all the women who are READY to reclaim your QUEEN...


WELCOME! You’re in a safe space here darling!

You see, I get you!

I’m betting we’re pretty similar in a lot of ways...

Just a few years ago, I was in such a hard place. I felt like I was literally living a "double" life. As in, I was standing outside looking at my life, and while the woman I saw looked exactly like me, she wasn’t at all who I knew myself to be before starting my beautiful family.

Maybe like you, I fell in-love young and had my first child at 21. As happens sometimes, baby came before marriage, but we made it “official” just a few years later. Then baby number 2 arrived joyfully onto the scene.

Now this life as a wife and mama of two in my mid-20s wasn’t exactly what I had imagined. Don’t get me wrong through. I absolutely ADORE my hubby and kids, but I’m also an AMBITIOUS woman.


Can you relate?

Pre-hubby and kids, I was my own version of Queen B! I was passionate about women’s rights, the pursuit of my own skills and talents, and the ability of each and every woman to live a BIG, BEAUTIFUL life! I wasn’t exactly sure what mine would look like, but I thought it might involve becoming an actor or a talk show host (ahem, are you listening, Oprah??!!).

Then, as soon as I was responsible for a new little life, something shifted. I was still ambitious . . . BUT I felt like I didn’t have the time . . .  I didn’t have the money . . . I didn’t have the experience . . . I didn’t . . . I didn’t . . . I didn’t . . .

I let myself get so wrapped up in what I wasn’t that I forgot who I WAS!


I WAS powerful. I WAS passionate. I WAS a world-changer. I WAS a life-grabber. I WAS fearless. I WAS conscious. I WAS confident.


But as a mama, somehow those things got pushed aside - stuffed down - in the interest of being a parent. I started to hide those “BIG” desires I once shouted from the rooftops. I even began to feel unworthy of achieving them. It was like I had to choose between “success” in the professional sense and “success” in my family.

I even began to feel GUILTY about my deep desires to travel, and to have the time and financial freedom I craved!


And if we’re being really, really, scary-level honest, I even started resenting motherhood itself. 


Have you been there?!?!?

Have you ever felt that while you LOVE your family to pieces, you also miss that part of you that feels POWERFUL, RADIANT, ABUNDANT, and FREE?!

You’re not alone then, Queen...

Have you experienced the way those feelings played out in your family?? The fights that begin to occur with your partner? How you lose patience so easily with your kids? The resulting shame and guilt you feel over what you really WANT when you think you should be content with what you already have?

Have you even started playing the victim in your own beautiful life? (I know I started to in mine)


What I NOW know, after years of studying and working with coaches and mentors to develop myself, my life & create my own coaching business & programs, is that I was operating completely within my masculine energy. I was forcing, pushing and striving to survive as a mom, wife, and new business owner. I dropped the Grace, the Love and the compassion for myself..

No wonder I felt frazzled and frantic so often!

After realizing that this resentment, guilt & force wasn't doing me ANY good... I knew things had to change, or else, everything would come crashing down on me...

I began the personal journey of learning more about myself. I invested in a coach who would hold me accountable for my OWN DREAMS, while I managed my life as wife and mama.


I allowed myself to re-discover who "Rochelle" really was... underneath her roles.


I became more patient and loving towards myself.

I stopped hiding pieces of myself from my man and others. I showed up as ME... the ambitious millennial woman who wants to be her own boss and talk-show host!

I allowed myself to raise my self-worth & confidence again.

In short darling, I let myself STOP playing the victim and STEP consciously into my life as a QUEEN!

And now, I help other women do the SAME thing! In our "QUEEN-EMBODIMENT" work together, I’ll show you how you can DROP the guilt, fear, and shame, and truly OWN your desires, pleasure, feminine essence and RADIANCE again! Because this beautiful world becomes even brighter when YOU are TURNED-ON to life and living your dreams!

I know what’s possible when a mama decides to take back her POWER and step into the radiant, sexy, truly MAGNETIC woman she’s always had within her!


I know it because I’ve done it.

Now it’s YOUR turn Queen!

Let’s do it TOGETHER!