3 Reasons why Self-care, Mindset work & SEX should be a TOP priority for Mompreneurs!

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It's safe to say that I've found and tested 3 "holy grail" practices that have turned my life, business and marriage into one fit for the QUEEN!

And I want to share them with you mama.

You see... from coaching and connecting with so many ambitious, modern mompreneurs over the years, one big theme that I became aware of, including within myself at first, is that when they are moving forward on their dreams and building a business from ground up with a family alongside, they often let FEELING GOOD fall to the way-side.. and for good reason I know!

Most mama's are managing the house-work, 9-5 grind, basketball practices and dish-duty, while growing their dream empires, and think about it... with rowdy kids and a "needy man"... how can they fit in time for their own pleasure, mindset work and "turn-on"?

Well, I am here to tell you this.... IT IS A MUST! Especially if you desire to tap back into feeling more like a QUEEN in your life, relationships and business.

Here are my TOP 3 reason's why I teach my Mommyboss clients to consistently PRIORITIZE the following:

  1. Sacred Feminine Self-care - allows busy mompreneurs like you and I to get back to RECEIVING-mode as women. This is where creativity, divine downloads and MONEY can easily flow into our lives. This is because we are much more OPEN... willing and relaxed AS F**K, which allows us to be in our feminine.. This is a MUST for ambitious mamas who want to grow their business to the level of success they desire, minus the burnout and overwhelm. I like to schedule this "QUEEN-time" as I like to call it, into my calendar DAILY and also let my hubby and kids (to the best that I can) know so that they will respect my space and let me BE!
    • Baths with lit candles, hot yoga, late-night chats with a girlfriend and wine are some easy examples you can start with! The point is to let go of business goals, family responsibilities and plain ol STRESS and just be a woman again.. uninterrupted and blissful.
  2. Queen-Mindset work - helps us to STOP the "stress-train" of sabotaging thoughts that come (when we are burn-out and tired) and limits our potential and BELIEF in ourselves. It allows us to get back to feeling empowered , confident & ready to #SLAY business, motherhood & life on a daily! **Check out my latest FREE Queen-mindset Training where I went fully into what this includes for me & my clients HERE.**
    • One thing that I have learned along my journey to Queen alongside being a Mommyboss is that MINDSET is the KEY to unlocking our success, sustaining it with motherhood and wifey duties and allowing yourselves to feel worthy of it all, no matter what life throws our way!
  3. Pleasure & Sex - helps us to UNLEASH our inner Wild Woman and bring back to life our fresh ideas, BOMB inspiration and high-vibe perspective on life and just simply get back to being sensual, radiant beings. When we allow our selves to consistently indulge in more pleasure (whether sexual or otherwise) we start to feel more connected and in-tune with our bodies, our intuition and our deepest desires again.

    • As a millennial mama, this is EXTRA important because we can often forget that underneath our mommy-role, we are still sensual beings, desiring love and intimacy.. with our men, with our own bodies and with our connection to God/Source...and feeling GOOD is the best place to start.


Feeling these reasons Queen? Please spread the LOVE and share this with your community of Modern Mompreneurs... IT IS SO NEEDED IN THEIR WORK & LIFE!

What did YOU think of these? Comment your big AH-HUH's or "giiiiiirrrllll, no you di-in't" below.




who are you CREATING yourself to be in 2018 mama?


I want you to ask yourself Queen...

Who do YOU want to be this year?

Not who you think you "should be"... or who people EXPECT you to be... your kids, your man.. your mother-in-law...

But you... deep in your beautiful, desire-rich heart... WHO DO YOU DESIRE TO BE?


I want you to remember something if this is the only thing you take away from my work, this blog, or what I pride myself as a Transformational Coach to Millennial Moms & Mompreneurs...

Every single day... you get to DECIDE what you desire to create for your life, your business, your family & your lifestyle... and from the DECISION.. you also get to DECIDE THE WOMAN WHO YOU NEED TO BE TO ENJOY THOSE THINGS...

and then BE HER.

I spent so many years playing victim... of settling for the person I thought others wanted me to be... 

hiding who I truly was...

pretending that I didn't want what I want.

But in all honestly... where did that get me? POINT BLANK NO WHERE.

After finally following my heart into personal development, coaching & mindset work... I realized through the beautiful work on myself from reading and studying work like Abraham Hicks, I was actually the ONLY PERSON responsible of how the next year of my life would look like.

Not my job and boss..

Not my loving husband and our kids..

Not my parents..



and I want to remind you of the exact same thing... YOU CAN CREATE THE WOMAN WHO HAS THE LIFE & BUSINESS YOU DESIRE. and you do that by deliberately choosing to be her, every-single-day... taking the actions she would take, working with the people she would work with... reading the books she would read...



So tell me Queen...

Who will YOU create yourself to be in 2018?




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2018 will be my BEST year yet! Will it be yours mama?

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Happy LAST Friday of 2017 Queen!

I have a question for you:

How do you DESIRE 2018 to FEEL like for you?

And I do not mean what do you want to "accomplish" or what "goals" you have, but HOW DO YOU WANT TO FEEL every day when you wake up and go to sleep at night?

Here's how I desire to FEEL:

· Like a QUEEN

· Divinely Feminine

· Joyfully Present

Those are my Core Desired Feelings for 2018. Those are the words I will make my decisions about any area of my life with. They will guide me back to what I truly desire... always.

What are you Core Desired Feelings for 2018 mama? If you have not yet picked up Danielle Laporte's book, The Desire Map, please do yourself a huge pleasurable favour and buy it now!


Here mama, are all the things I will do in 2018 to FEEL those feelings:

· Step into being a Queen at home and in business

· Say NO to what doesn't make me feel beautiful, joyful, Queen & abundant

· Be 100% ME.... raw, unedited and always sharing my TRUTH, no matter what... ALL THE TIME.

· Make more loveeeee with my man and less silly arguments

· Less yelling at my boys and more patience and listening... really staying present with them, where they are and not rushing them to grow any faster.

· Ask for help when I need it instead of trying to do it alone - in Biz, or at Home (Delegate!)

· Avoid overwhelm & burnout like a plague!

· Light more delicious-smelling, luxury candles at home and when working.

· Journal more

· Take time for my Queen baths each week

· Call in my dream clients by my energy, passion for the coaching I do & serving with love, rather than by using complicated marketing tactics

· Be where I am & LOVE IT.

· As Danielle Laporte says... "Less striving, more LIVING." #yes

· Meditate DAILY -> more than once a day, but at mornings and right before sleep

· Enjoy more PLEASURE....in all areas

I desire to be QUEEN in 2018 mama. And that is my desire for you as well boo..

Don't let another year pass you by in overwhelm of building your business in a feminine, joyful way, while being a Queen in your home, your relationship, motherhood and how you do Business.

Make a decision to get the help & support you need. Narrow down your desires... and start intentionally creating your life from the place of Queen.

You have everything you need within you mama. It is now just for you to get the help on accessing this power within, having a beautiful business and life plan with the help of my coaching and allow yourself to UP-LEVEL in 2018.

I love you truly Queen.

Thank-you for being apart of my community & cheers to a FABULOUS 2018!



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What I know for-sure, as being QUEEN of my life..

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First & foremost...

Thank-you sooooooooooooooo much for joining my LIVE 3-DAY Training!!!

It was my first ever, and I am SOOOO happy to have created it for you Queens of my community!

If you have taken ANYTHING away from this FREE 3-Day series, I hope that you can FEEL & SEE how passionate I am about supporting Millennial Mompreneurs like you to get out of struggle, overwhelm & #mommyguilt, and into their power as QUEENS.

This "body of work" I do with ambitious moms is soooooo needed in this world, and after these past 3 days, I realized this even more.

There are wayyyyy too many beautiful moms over-working themselves at home and in their businesses, taking out all the fun, pleasure & success that is waiting for them on the other side..

What I know for-sure is this:


  • As a QUEEN, you are NOT available for Overwhelm & burnout

  • As a Queen, we PRIORITIZE our Queenly-Mindset work DAILY!

  • As a QUEEN, you do not MULTITASK, but instead, be JOYFULLY-PRESENT in what is in-front of you

  • As a QUEEN, you get to THINK like the multiple 6 & 7-figure Mommyboss now & take action like one

  • As a QUEEN, you KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that you CREATE your life... and is NOT a victim

  • As a Queen,  you get to EASILY shift your focus from "problem" to "SOLUTION"

  • And lastly, as a QUEEN, you know your desires are your truth & you are SO WORTHY of them!


And this is only a TASTE of what I will be private coaching & supporting you on in my 4-month private coaching program, "The Successful Queen Mommyboss".

This program was created with so much LOVE and passion... it is one of my PROUDEST creations of my business to date because this work truly transforms mama's lives.... HOW THEY THINK, FEEL & ACT... allowing them to get into their power again, transform their relationship with money & abundance and create their dream lifestyles, alongside being a mama.

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From now until December 31st, I have amazing fast-action bonuses that will be WORTH the program in full!

Check it out below and get ready to experience the life you desire to create as the QUEEN you truly are. 

I promise you this.... it will be worth everything when you look back at the end of 2018 and see how amazingly different you life has become.




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The 3 Q's you need to ask yourself BEFORE listening to others "ADVICE" as a Mommyboss!

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There comes a time when a Mommyboss needs to STOP sharing her dreams and plans with others.

That time comes when we are about to share it with someone who will discourage us, make us feel CRAZY AS HELL for thinking it was possible, and those who just don't get it, therefore advise us that we should do something more "safe".

You see mama... I too was that mompreneur who blabbed my dreams to every and anyone who would listen...

And do you wanna know where that got me?


The thing is darling... not all dreams fit everyone.

Some dreams are sometimes "too BIG" for others to grasp... and we have to realize that that is ok.

We are all different.

Even when our closest friend or spouse doesn't understand our desires and goals.. that doesn't mean that YOU don't.

And that is what we must learn as AMBITIOUS as F--- women...

Our dreams are not for everyone... they are in fact, JUST FOR US...

To pursue with passion and grace.

To bring alive within us the power of a VISION and Desire, made manifest through us.


Moving forward, I want you to think of the last person you shared one of your dreams with, who didn't get it and ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Were they an ideal client who we would WANT to offer our services or products to?
  2. Have they already achieved the goal we have shared with them and can give us advice?
  3. Do they have the experience, knowledge & wisdom to advise us on how to achieve this goal better/faster than they had (again, going back to question 2)?


Tell me mama, have you ever shared a big desire or dream you had for your life or business and this person literally popped your bubble even before you finished your sentence? What did you do in return.... did you ask yourself any of my above questions before acting to their "feedback"?