Motherhood, Expectations & what we get...

-I lost the SPARK I had as a little girl due to motherhood (1).png

You get in life what you have the CAPACITY TO RECEIVE.

Basically put boo, if you're self-worth and love for yourself is low, you will always continue to allow shitty experiences, people and circumstances into your life.

You have to wake-up and realize where you fall on this spectrum.


Are you constantly saying YES when your entire heart and body is screaming HELL NAWWW!?

Are you always over-working yourself at home or in the office to get some type of "gold badge" of honour for the super-mom, while over-reaching yourself and your sanity?

Are you always feeling guilty for the things you want, even if it's a few SACRED hours at Starbucks alone with a almond latte in hand just to collect your damn thoughts and BREATHE... without little hands pulling at you to help them with something?


You see mama, you can only have and experience in life what you are a VIBRATIONAL MATCH FOR... and if you are constantly over-shadowing your desires, values and boundaries with your time, attention and heart.. then how on earth do you expect to experience the JOY, PLEASURE & FUN you desire?

Simply put, you can't!

The first step to transforming your life & what you attract into it is to start to becoming bone-chillin' aware of WHAT YOU EXPECT IN YOUR LIFE AND WHAT YOU WILL STAND FOR.

Do yourself a favour and DROP THE DAMN GUILT of wanting what you want!

Feel worthy of the lifestyle you desire to have and think to yourself that you actually CAN CREATE IT now... no matter how many kids you have or where you are currently working.

Life bends and changes EXTREMELY quickly for the #Mommyboss who OWNS HER WORTH and STANDS IN HER POWER OF DESIRES & TRUTH.

Own your worth. Say NO when you mean no. And stop EXPLAINING AWAY why your wants aren't possible for you right now... because if you changed your EXPECTATION around them, you would probably already have had it! 

All in all mama... start EXPECTING THE BEST... and drop the expectation of "good enough" in your life because, hell.... you're WORTH IT.




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