Treat your Desire as SACRED, because they are

-I lost the SPARK I had as a little girl due to motherhood (2).png

All too often, mama's push away their needs.

Feel crazy for dreaming too big.

Disallowing themselves to want more, experience more, feel JOY MORE.

but why...?

You see darling, your desires are SACRED. Just like you are.

They tell you so much about your potential.... your destiny.... god's plans for you...

Only if, that is, you don't push them away as not possible.

You see, I have learned from numerous sessions, with modern mamas that they do have BIG DREAMS, and have strong desires for their life and family. However, with those desires, they also haven even bigger "reasons" as to why they can't create them now.

- They don't have the money or time.

- They can't leave their "safe" jobs to take a risk.

- Their spouse doesn't understand, therefore, they have decided that he's right... it doesn't make sense to pursue this now.

- No one else in their family has done something like this, so they assume it's too hard for them also...


And so on.


However you look at your desires mama, the most important thing to know is that they are YOURR TRUTH!

They are not something made up by the ego or your "pride". They are your purpose. They are you signature onto the book of like, leaving your imprint on this world. They are your passion, and truth.

They are SACRED because they come from the SACRED.

Deep, ain't I? The point is... as much as this all sounds extremely woo-woo, and spiritual... they are true boo.

You wouldn't have these desires within you if they weren't apart of you, waiting to be discovered and brought alive through you.

No one else can create and experience them like you will.

And it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to follow them with conviction and power.

They are yours for a reason.

Motherhood and all, can't stop you from your purpose or potential.... Only you can.

Don't be that woman who disregards the post potent, sacred part of her..... Her DESIRES.

They are SACRED.




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