you get to CHOOSE to be fully supported mama...

-I lost the SPARK I had as a little girl due to motherhood (1).png

Who are you to have a loving man in your life who truly loves you unconditionally, supports you by taking a lot of responsibility of the kids, and allows you to show up as QUEEN?

Who are you to have more travel, luxury & more "ME-TIME" in your life?

Why should YOU have more time, freedom, PLEASURE & joy, while doing less, being a busy mama, and following your dreams & desires?


The answer...

you are a divine daughter of the most high & were created to experience ALL THAT YOU DESIRE! That's who.

Let's stop questioning why we "deserve" the things we desire and start realizing that we just GET TO HAVE THEM.

The disconnect happens when a mama forgets who she is called to be...

- not just mama

- not just wife

- not just employee or burnt-out business owner...

When you make the DECISION to be fully supported... TO HAVE ALL YOU DESIRE... and GET TO have the best from life... guess what shows up for you?


Here's an example...

Lately, my hubby has been SUPER responsive to my needs without me saying anything. He has started coming home earlier from work... telling the kids how "hard-working" & amazing mommy is, giving me more body massages and attention... all while never waiting for me to ask like how I use to.

Why the changes all of a sudden?

Well mama, it's because I have changed... as a woman.

I am no longer available for HARD. Or for over-working myself to prove a point.

I set a private INTENTION to myself that I GET TO HAVE it easy, and that I GET TO HAVE teh best.... nothing else.

And the changes just came flooding in.

Remember darling, the POWER is in you DECIDING to be fully supported and available for BETTER. Own it with confidence.. line up your thoughts, actions & words with who you DESIRE to be and how you desire to be treated... whether with clients, children, or spouse...


Take your power back and choose how Life will play out for you. 



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