Choose FUN mama... your PLEASURE & RADIANCE depend on it!

Choose FUN mama... you PLEASURE & RADIANCE depend on it!.png


What does that word mean to you now as a mom & wife?

Is it backed with childhood memories that are long gone?

Does it make you feel "boring" because you barley have any fun anymore?

For a long time, even though I was a young millennial, I barely allowed myself to have fun. I kept telling myself that there was no "extra" time for fun... in-between laundry folding (endless), lunch-making, and bath time.

Who had I become??!?!

I remember being the girl who was ALWAYS laughing, cracking up from a joke I heard and planning the next fun even for me and my girls to go to... but that all seemed to take a back seat with I stepped into motherhood.

And don't take this as I didn't have ANY fun after becoming a mom and wife, but in all honesty, it was ALWAYS short-lived and then I was back to being "diplomatic" mama!

Who told us that we had to stop feeling careless fun.. BLISSFUL good times and pure enjoyment often as mothers? Who ever did was clearly not HUMAN!!

What I have found, is that when I allow myself to have more time for FUN, and i don't mean fun for my kids which equals fun for me... NO! I mean the fun that we ourselves enjoy!

- the late night convo with our girlfriend, talking endlessly about nonsense..

- go out with our man for a fun night, with no plans as to where we will end up..

- colouring in an adult colouring book just for the BLOODY fun of it!

Whatever makes are mind's "silence" themselves & our hearts & bodies come ALIVE..

THAT'S the FUN I am referring to boo..


When we allow ourselves as sensual, vivacious millennial women to indulge in unadulterated FUN, (in our own way and just for the simple reason to be careless and free again) we allow ourselves to claim back the Feminine Radiance and Beauty within us all along.

We are meant to have time for FREE FUN.

We are meant to carve out time in our calendars for OUR ENJOYMENT of life.

How else can we stay beautiful, GLOW and show up to motherhood being healthy & sane?!?

Do yourself a favour mama and CLAIM BACK YOUR FUN again!!

Your man, your kids & your self-pleasure will THANK-YOU for it.




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