you remember that crazy "mama-KNOWING" power your mom had? You have it too!

-I lost the SPARK I had as a little girl due to motherhood (1).png

Everyone has a memory of their mom when she just had this crazy KNOWING of something.

Where it was about that boyfriend you so called "loved" but she knew he was a waste-buck walking when she just simply laid eyes on him


When she just knew you needed someone to talk to when she randomly calls you on a Thursday evening and you just cried your eyes out on your bathroom floor over something.



Things, that to the naked eye (or all men.. LOL), wasn't anything at all.. but it was.

And yet.. this amazing power all MOMs world-wide have... we, as millennial moms, have truly forgotten that we too have this inner knowing within us.

But why?

Do we think we are too young to have this "wise" wisdom as women and moms?

Do we believe we might have gotten skipped over of this gene and have to weather through life without this power?



We do have this power mama... and don't you EVER forget.
The only difference is that we have been under a comma with all the social media, new-feed reading and Kardashian watching that we have allowed to over-powered this "power" with all types of junk.


Don't get me wrong though boo.. I too love me some junk tv from time to time.. however, I make it a conscious choice to keep my time sacred and cut off tv and any other distractions for hours at a time each day to cultivate my feminine power!

This "sacred-time" can look different for every mama, but for me, this includes the following:

  1. journaling
  2. just sitting with tea, coffee or a good glass of wine and letting me thoughts take me...
  3. un-interrupted QUIET TIME ALONE.. (I love baths with the door locked for this, while my kiddies are asleep or watching a movie)

The whole point here mama is to allow yourself the SPACE to tap into this power EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

This is exactly the work I do with my clients, on crafting a life that ALLOWS this sacred space for her to cultivate her own Intuition, Pleasure & joy within busy motherhood life.

If you desire help & support in this area, you will DEFINITELY LOVE my UPCOMING Interactive Workshop next Tuesday evening, called "Owning your SELF-WORTH & BIG DESIRES as a Modern Mama!" 

Myself and two other Millennial Mama's will be having a JUICY panel discussion on all things Motherhood, Desire-Seeking, Cultivating our Self-Worth as modern-day moms and how to live a life that allows for more pleasure, fun, feminine radiance and experiencing our desires!

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