3 Tips to PLAYING BIGGER as an Ambitious New Mompreneur!

3 BEST tips to PLAYING BIGGER as an Ambitious New Mompreneur!.png

It took me a long while to realize I was playing small in my dream business & growing the empire I desired to have.... 

I just didn't see all the ways I was "holding myself back", and now realize that it isn't uncommon with new mompreneurs to do the same!

You see mama, when we are first starting out, or even a few years into our entrepreneurial journey, we most often loose sight of our initial FLAME & passion for why we started, and we get all "fizzled out" by comparing ourselves to others, doubting our gifts, questioning if we have WHAT IT TAKES...

Ring true for you mama?

That's why I curated these TOP 3 TIPS on helping ambitious mompreneurs like you and & I, to PLAY A BIGGER GAME! I knew my entire business TRANSFORMED & literally "went viral" when I decided to STAND IN MY POWER, CLAIM MY WORTH, and INVESTED IN MY DREAMS... and you can have the same for your business!

Here's how:


Decide to CLAIM your seat at the table of the most successful, who you admire. You are no different than them. They ALL started with a dream & allowed themselves to BELIEVE in them and go for it! You. Can. Too.

2. Get into the COMPANY of others who PLAY BIG.

You will ALWAYS RISE to the level of your surroundings mama... whether that's positively UP-LEVELLING or the opposite. You get to CHOOSE! I say, make the choice of where you chill, who you share your dreams with & the people you collaborate/work with based on WHERE YOU WANT TO GO NEXT! No matter how uncomfortable it might be in the beginning for you. Just STRETCH yourself.

3. Hold a BIGGER Vision for your business than you started with.

The bigger you ALLOW your vision of your business, impact & success can be, the more it will grow and PULL you into becoming the #MOMMYBOSS who has that vision as her reality! This is STRAIGHT TRUTH BOO.


Hope you enjoyed these tips mama! Just remember, at the end of the day.. it's all about the JOURNEY and who you are BECOMING in the process of it. Realize how much you have already grown & accomplished and see to it that you celebrate EACH and every "little" or BIG accomplishment along the way.

I believe in you darling!<3




p.s: If you desire to LEVEL-UP to becoming the QUEEN of your Life & Business again, along side modern motherhood, then I invite you to book a call with me here. It's free and you ain't got nothin to lose baby-girl, but so much to gain! Get back your power & realize you have everything that it takes to creating the life of your dreams... don't let busy motherhood stop you from PLAYING BIG!