November is PLEASURE month mama...

Choose FUN mama... you PLEASURE & RADIANCE depend on it!.png

It's November 1st my beautiful QUEEN!

This month for me is ALL about P L E A S U R E.

- More PLEASURE in my the way I do & run my business
- More PLEASURE in the way I parent my kids and spend time with them
- More PLEASURE in the way me & hubby do married life (it's great now but there's always room for improvement)

The question I desire to start each day off with is: How can I experience more PLEASURE & joy today?

How can YOU allow your life, relationships, hobbies, business & motherhood to be filled with more delicious joy & pleasure starting this month mama?

I want you to start off with an INTENTION.

Making a strong intention to how you desire this month to feel and be for you, allows you to get back into your POWER as a woman.. instead of just "going with the flow" and allowing daily situations and circumstances to push and pull you in different directions daily.

What can you INTEND to feel like each morning when you wake up? 
When you kiss you loving spouse...?
When you spend time with your sweet children...?
When you sit down behind your computer to work on your dreams/business...?

START WITH PLEASURE IN MIND.. and work it from there.

For you to allow your life to feel good, joyful and easy mama, you must begin to start intentionally creating your days, weeks and months... WITH PLEASURE as your FOCUS POINT!

I believe evvvvvvvvverything we experience throughout our lives can be pleasurable IF WE CHOOSE TO SEE IT THAT WAY and focus on how that experience made us more present, in our body and growing as a woman and QUEEN!

I have a SPECIAL GIFT for you to help you with intentionally creating more Pleasure in your November and on-wards...

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Wishing you a DELICIOUSLY Pleasurable November darling!