How to EMBODY the woman & success you desire to cultivate now as a Mommyboss

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Here is the honest truth that has taken me years to realize, and that I want to share with you today so that you can grasp it faster than I did with less stress...

There are two types of #Mommybosses in this world:

1. the one that BECOMES what she desires of herself by BEING, DOING & THEN HAVING what she wants


2. the one that WAITS TO BECOME what she desires because she doesn't HAVE #allthethings yet...

Do you want to know which of these mama's succeed in life, motherhood & Business boo?!?

Exactly.... #Mommyboss number 1!

What I have come to learn through A LOT of trial and error, plus a whole lotta tears & frustration is that you cannot have the life or success you crave as an ambitious woman and mom, if you do not allow yourself to BECOME that person FIRST!

You can try to do it the hard way, which is working hard to HAVE THE SUCCESS first ---> the house, the clients, the trips, etc... who end up feeling like a failure because it was harder than they thought to attain those things with the same mindset and actions they always had.

However, there is a MUCH EASIER WAY....

And that's what I am sharing with you now:

To HAVE THE DESIRES, DREAMS & SUCCESS you crave in any type pf business and lifestyle you want boo, you FIRST have to become the WOMAN WHO HAS THAT SUCCESS.

How you ask?

1. By surrounding yourself with people who ALREADY have what you want or are further ahead of you to getting it.

2. Work FIRST on your mindset!!!!!!!!! Not the strategy, or the pretty website, or hiring all the dream team people to help run your business & life... NOPE. Work on YOU & YOUR MIND FIRST!

3. Invest in a coach who can help you see the patterns that have been holding you back from becoming the woman you desire to be and allow this investment to triple your timeline to unlocking your potential, QUEEN and fierceness that you ALWAYS had within you. Click here to see if working together would be a good fit!

4. Don't rush it to "keep up with the joneses"... Stay in GRATEFUL EXPECTATION, knowing that what you desire for yourself, your family & your business is coming to you in due time, and for now, keep your VIBE as HIGH as possible by exercising Gratitude & expecting your dreams to unfold in perfect timing... (because it always does mama!)

All-in-all darling, know that everything you need to become the #Mommyboss and QUEEN of your life, family & Business is ALREADY within you... all you need to do is focus DAILY on becoming her in the way you THINK, ACT, and SHOW UP in all areas of your life!

Start to EMBODY that woman NOW.... no matter where you are currently. Remember boo, things can change EXTREMELY quickly when you get into the FLOW of the Universe & success!

Have an amazing week mama!