Why transitioning to natural hair requires the SAME SKILLS as growing a Biz as a Mommyboss

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If you follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed that homegirl is going back natural... well for the 3rd and final time!

And let me tell you.... this is NOT an easy task!

You see, as a woman of colour, our hair is naturally curly/coily, and a majority of us choose to "chemically straighten" our hair to make it "straighter" and easier to manage.

Now I can sit here and explain this in #allthedetails, but that's not what this blog post is about. What I want to bring your attention to is that, since beginning my transition back to natural hair.. I have pinpointed some SIMILAR skills and attitudes that too, can be used in growing a business alongside motherhood.

Here they are as follows mama:

  • You need to be extremely PATIENT with yourself: When I focus on how long of a process it is to even wash and style my own hair now as a "transitioner", dealing with 2 hair textures, I have to remind myself consistently that I need to calm down my need to chop it all off and start fresh, or go straight to my salon for a texturizer again! Same goes for growing your first online business.. you must be gentle with yourself while learning about "landing pages", SEO, and converting Facebook ads... it all takes time, and especially as mamas, we DEFINITELY need more love and kindness to ourselves to balance this learning curve with motherhood.


  • You can't compare your hair to others hair, we are all different: As a newly natural-transitioning #curlygirl, I am constantly watching YouTube tutorials and skimming through Instagram hashtags on getting the latest curly-hair inspiration to keep me motivated and focused on my hair goals. HOWEVER this often leads to comparing my hair texture, length and curl pattern to others and can get me into a sulky mood real quick! At the end of the day, just like our hair, our businesses and our journey to growing them are all different and unique. We can't look at someone else and think that we MUST be exactly like them... it just isn't realistic! And plus, when we start to love and cherish our own unique curls and appreciate what we DO have, we can enjoy the hair journey a lot more... and same goes for our business journey to a thriving empire!


  • You get what you PUT IN... all the TLC is needed!: As my natural hair grows, and my excitement heightens, I have realized that this is long-term commitment and it's up to me to take really good care of my hair from now on... not just in this "transition stage"! Haircare is daily care, and I now realize that this will take a lot of time to treat my hair with the love and care it needs to thrive. And the same goes for our businesses! If it is our true purpose and passion why we started it in the first place, we are in it for the LONG HAUL... and with that commitment, we have decided to commit ourselves to everything it will take to see it through.. no matter how long or hard it might be. Heck, as I see it, there is no other option, so my business gets to have my attention, focus and love... including my money while growing it (of course this is aside from the love, focus and attention I give to my little family as well)!

What are your thoughts on my "hair transition & Business growth as a New Mompreneur" comparison mama? Have you ever experienced hair changes that took your commitment, time and love to achieve the goals your had for it? And how does that compare to your business goals as a Mommyboss?

I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Talk soon...