The 3 Q's you need to ask yourself BEFORE listening to others "ADVICE" as a Mommyboss!

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There comes a time when a Mommyboss needs to STOP sharing her dreams and plans with others.

That time comes when we are about to share it with someone who will discourage us, make us feel CRAZY AS HELL for thinking it was possible, and those who just don't get it, therefore advise us that we should do something more "safe".

You see mama... I too was that mompreneur who blabbed my dreams to every and anyone who would listen...

And do you wanna know where that got me?


The thing is darling... not all dreams fit everyone.

Some dreams are sometimes "too BIG" for others to grasp... and we have to realize that that is ok.

We are all different.

Even when our closest friend or spouse doesn't understand our desires and goals.. that doesn't mean that YOU don't.

And that is what we must learn as AMBITIOUS as F--- women...

Our dreams are not for everyone... they are in fact, JUST FOR US...

To pursue with passion and grace.

To bring alive within us the power of a VISION and Desire, made manifest through us.


Moving forward, I want you to think of the last person you shared one of your dreams with, who didn't get it and ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Were they an ideal client who we would WANT to offer our services or products to?
  2. Have they already achieved the goal we have shared with them and can give us advice?
  3. Do they have the experience, knowledge & wisdom to advise us on how to achieve this goal better/faster than they had (again, going back to question 2)?


Tell me mama, have you ever shared a big desire or dream you had for your life or business and this person literally popped your bubble even before you finished your sentence? What did you do in return.... did you ask yourself any of my above questions before acting to their "feedback"?