2018 will be my BEST year yet! Will it be yours mama?

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Happy LAST Friday of 2017 Queen!

I have a question for you:

How do you DESIRE 2018 to FEEL like for you?

And I do not mean what do you want to "accomplish" or what "goals" you have, but HOW DO YOU WANT TO FEEL every day when you wake up and go to sleep at night?

Here's how I desire to FEEL:

· Like a QUEEN

· Divinely Feminine

· Joyfully Present

Those are my Core Desired Feelings for 2018. Those are the words I will make my decisions about any area of my life with. They will guide me back to what I truly desire... always.

What are you Core Desired Feelings for 2018 mama? If you have not yet picked up Danielle Laporte's book, The Desire Map, please do yourself a huge pleasurable favour and buy it now!


Here mama, are all the things I will do in 2018 to FEEL those feelings:

· Step into being a Queen at home and in business

· Say NO to what doesn't make me feel beautiful, joyful, Queen & abundant

· Be 100% ME.... raw, unedited and always sharing my TRUTH, no matter what... ALL THE TIME.

· Make more loveeeee with my man and less silly arguments

· Less yelling at my boys and more patience and listening... really staying present with them, where they are and not rushing them to grow any faster.

· Ask for help when I need it instead of trying to do it alone - in Biz, or at Home (Delegate!)

· Avoid overwhelm & burnout like a plague!

· Light more delicious-smelling, luxury candles at home and when working.

· Journal more

· Take time for my Queen baths each week

· Call in my dream clients by my energy, passion for the coaching I do & serving with love, rather than by using complicated marketing tactics

· Be where I am & LOVE IT.

· As Danielle Laporte says... "Less striving, more LIVING." #yes

· Meditate DAILY -> more than once a day, but at mornings and right before sleep

· Enjoy more PLEASURE....in all areas

I desire to be QUEEN in 2018 mama. And that is my desire for you as well boo..

Don't let another year pass you by in overwhelm of building your business in a feminine, joyful way, while being a Queen in your home, your relationship, motherhood and how you do Business.

Make a decision to get the help & support you need. Narrow down your desires... and start intentionally creating your life from the place of Queen.

You have everything you need within you mama. It is now just for you to get the help on accessing this power within, having a beautiful business and life plan with the help of my coaching and allow yourself to UP-LEVEL in 2018.

I love you truly Queen.

Thank-you for being apart of my community & cheers to a FABULOUS 2018!



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P.s: If you truly desire to be a Queen in 2018, my program The Successful Queen Mommyboss is the perfect coaching program to get you there. I mix business systems, with feminine self-care, and Queen mindset re-programming... all together to create your best version of you and have the business & life you desire as QUEEN in all areas. Apply for a call and let's see if 2018 will be YOUR YEAR mama..