My POWERFUL Take-aways from the #MyBossIsMe event in Toronto!

This past weekend in Toronto, I attended an amazing event, which was put on by the Powerhouse Mommyboss, Kike-Lola Odusanya, the creator and Author of #MyBossIsMe

I have been telling my own coach for a while now that I truly desired to attend more in-person events in my city, since majority of my clients and biz-besties live south of the boarder, in the US. So when I caught word of this event a few weeks ago, I KNEW it wasn't going to miss me!

And boy was I glad I attended!

This event was put on as apart of Kike's Book Tour for her new book My Boss is Me: Real Conversations about building a business and Quitting your 9-5. She had the amazingly talented and FUNNY Bee-Quammie Host the event, while the Powerhouse panelist line-up included:  Nicole O. Salmon, Angelina Williams, Pauleanna Reid, Tanya Natalie and Karlyn Percil.


And just like Kike's book title reads, her event was no less than a REAL conversation about  the entrepreneurial journey for women across industries, backgrounds and race.

I truly felt like every woman on the panel had her own path of hardship and overcoming obstacles she had to go through (and is STILL going through) to creating her dream business that we ALL could truly relate to our own journeys.

The room was fillllleddddd with women from all walks of life, who too desired to be inspired by these amazing women that night, and INSPIRED is exactly what we left this event feeling like!

I want to share my BIGGEST take-aways from the night in snap-size, "tweet-able" bullet points (which is my favourite way to share things anyway!):

  • "You can't sell a dream looking like a nightmare" - Kike (Take care of yourself while building your dreams)
  • "Good is afoot: if others are getting wins out there, that means there is more good to get" - Bee (celebrate every woman's win, because when she wins, we ALL win!)
  • "Stay in your OWN LANE!!!" - Pauleanna (pay attention to your own craft and what you are creating, to get ahead, not others)
  • "Learn to keep somethings to yourself" - Angelina (sometimes, especially in the beginning, it is better to keep your "wins" to yourself and soak it in and celebrate it without needing to share and water down the celebration with others opinions)
  • "When you shift out of alignment, you shift out of your own power"- Karlyn (Be Authentic, be you, share what only YOU can bring to the world.. no matter what.)
  • "Be INTENTIONAL while you are in your 9-5" - Pauleanna (Ask yourself, what can my job do FOR ME that can grow and nurture my business later. Always stay grateful for job, while building your exit strategy and use what you already have to learn more about running a business)
  • "Sacrifices don't last forever" - Kike (there will come a time when all the sacrifices you made to get you where you are now will be WORTH all that you had to put in. They won;t be forever.. stay the course!)
  • "God will honour your time! Do what you CAN with what little time you can put into your business now" - Nicole (Stop thinking that you will never be able to create your business dreams because you think you "lack time".. the little you can put in today will go a LONG way tomorrow!)
  • "Collaboration is KEY!" - Tanya (Especially with people at the same level as you in business... you will never know where they can take you in your business and vice versa. Support EACH OTHER!)
  • "People will mentor you/stretch you further than you can stretch yourself"- Karlyn (a mentor/coach can change your life in countless ways that you would never be able to do for yourself)
  • "Relationships is the highest currency!" - Karlyn (a truly AUTHENTIC relationship with someone can and WILL bring you further than any business strategy or marking plan! Build relationships period!)
  • "The streets are always watching" - Kike ( keep posting, keep talking, keep showing up in your business, even when it "seems" like who one is paying attention... because THEY ARE!)
  • "What makes you happy? DO THAT." - Angelina (no matter what, always follow your passion.. what makes you happy, you can do for FREE and brings you the MOST JOY. Success always follows"
  • "You have to be able to handle the instability of entrepreneurship" - Kike (Its like going to theme park every day then coming back home and doing it the next day... BE OK WITH THE UNKNOWN)
  • "The KEY to your success is in YOUR MIND!" - Nicole (Spiritual Warefare is all about losing your identity of who you are and WHOSE you are... you a God's precious daughter.. you are meant to live in abundance and be successful. Never forget that. Work on your mindset every damn day!)
  • "Release family from our expectations!" - Karlyn (They don't HAVE TO get it... only YOU do!!!!)

There is sooooooo much more juicy take-aways I had from this event, but literally it would take me days to share it all here. All-in-all, what I took from this event is that entrepreneurship is not an easy road to take... but if it is CALLING YOU... just know that you are not alone. Nor do you have to go through it ALONE.

Create community that will surround you and your dreams with support, motivation and understanding! Seek out these relationships and nurture them. It allows this journey to be much more of a fun and enjoyable one when you have others to share and celebrate it with, who GET YOU!

Kike will be BACK in Toronto for a brand-new event, in June 2018!!! Stay on the look out mama's because you DEFINITELY will want to be there! I know I will.