How to Do Business, Motherhood & Life like a QUEEN!

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If you have been in my community for a while, you will know that I am sooooooo passionate about us ambitious Mommybosses doing business, motherhood & life like a QUEEN. And today, I want to explain to you what that means for me...

Being a QUEEN in motherhood means...
• setting boundaries at home, so that your children & man so they know when mama is working, or having "me-time"
• allowing your own intuition and desires to make decisions on how to raise your kids, NOT what your parents or friends think
• choosing to KNOW and believe that by you taking time to follow your dreams, you are NOT a "bad mom" or selfish for doing so... in actuality, you are showing you kids what is possible for their own dreams one day.. no #mommyguilt here!

Being a QUEEN in Business means...
• allowing your desires to LEAD you more than what "others" are doing online
• learn to leverage your time better so that you are ONLY using your sacred time on areas of your "zone of genius" and not hours on silly tasks that a VA can do.
• Creating products, courses & services that you are LIT UP and passionate about, which energetically speaking, allows more abundance & success to come to you
• setting your prices by what you FEEL is your value & in alignment to your vibration/energy you are comfortable & EXCITED to receive (BOTH!)

Being a QUEEN in Life means...
• to start exercise your right to use to say NO and have no GUILT about it
• allowing yourself to have more than you ever thought possible without feeling "unworthy"
• giving yourself the SPACE to have more sacred self-care time.. even if that means asking for more help around the house and in your business

As you can see mama, being a QUEEN in all areas of your life requires you to start thinking and BEING a Queen. As one of my 7-figure mentors has always said, "to live a life fit for a Queen, a woman must first BECOME a Queen!"

And that is what I desire to support you with IN 2018 boo...The Successful Mommyboss Queen or check out my 90-min intensive here.