Sometimes as Ambitious Moms we need to be reminded of our VALUE...

-I lost the SPARK I had as a little girl due to motherhood.png

Last night I got a HUGE reminder of my worth and value from my coach, and I just had to share with you mama.

First, before I tell you about our conversation, I want you to understand that you most-likely undervalue what you bring to the table.

How do I know that? Simply because majority of the modern moms I know do the exact same thing.

They are constantly providing their kids and spouse with so much love, attention, caring and support, and yet... when you tell them to start a business, write that book or start that new career they dreamed of as little girls, they LAUGH and say something along the lines of:

"girl please... I can't do that! I don't know enough yetOR " yea right... I wish! I could never do that AND manage everything else going on in my life right now."

They are ALWAYS down-playing how much STRENGTH, RESILIENCE & POWER they have.. especially when it comes to something they desire for themselves! The people around them see soooooo much potential in them... yet, they have the hardest time seeing it for themselves...

Well mama.... I too struggle with the same thing, and my coach yesterday literally called me out on my own BULLSH*T!

And for good reason.

You see, I was telling her about all the reasons I felt "not good enough" for my goals I wanted us to work on.. and she, in the most loving but straight-up terms, told me that I was completely dis-crediting how much VALUE I have brought to my previous clients lives, and how much transformation has happened to people I have helped, coached, spoken to and encouraged along their own journey's in the last few years of starting my business... and it was such an eye-opening experience for me.

As an ambitious mom myself, I know how it feels like to be superhuman to everyone around us but a "0" to yourself.

And honestly darling, it stops here.

I was blessed enough to have someone hold up a "mirror" to me to see how much I am worthy of my BIG GOALS & desires... but many mamas don't, and might never have someone in their corner to do the same for them.

At the end of the day, you have ME.

If I can bring awareness to this limiting perception in the modern mommyboss community and to moms like you who can share with another mom who then shares with another mom... I have done my part in transforming this epidemic! 

More beautiful mamas need to realize that we hold such POTENT POWER and VALUE within us.. and if we allow ourselves the chance, we can let that courage and confidence shine brightly to other moms who need reminding of theirs...

We are all in this together boo!

Do someone a favour and SHARE this blog post to a mama who need REMINDING OF HOW MUCH VALUE, WORTHINESS AND POTENTIAL she has within her.

You might change her life....