standing firm in your own damn worth!

-I lost the SPARK I had as a little girl due to motherhood.png

I have come to learn from personal experience and going through my own transformational journey as a young woman, mom and wife, that our own inherent worth is the basis for how everything & EVERYONE will show-up in our lives.

When a woman's self-value and worth are below where they should naturally be, you will she this reflected in the way she treats her time, her space, her money and her boundaries in her relationships.

  • she will allow people to waste her time.. too afraid to cut them off, say no, or upset them
  • she will make everyone elses needs interrupt her own and this looks like her kids, man and close family and friends coming into her sacred "me" time with their needs, favors to ask her and the like..
  • she will spend without question if her kids say they need a new bag, or shoes, or accessory, but think several times over, if she should purchase that online course that would teach her own to start her dream jewelry business.
  • she will continue to get upset with her spouse over the same sh*t he always does, but "try to avoid the argruing" but by just ignoring him with the silent treatment than actually VOICING HER FRUSTRATION & why she isn't going to stand for it any longer.

You see mama, how I know this so well is because I use to be her

Constantly feeling guilty for doing anything that might offend or upset someone, yet was what I actually needed and desired.

There came a time when I just had to stop that sh*t & learn to STAND IN MY POWER and own my self-worth.

And listen to me when I say this... owning your own self-worth isn't just about feeling good about your body and shape, or loving yourself completely (it is a huge part however), but it has to do with you VALUING yourself so much, that you are willing to "look selfish" sometimes, to make sure you are respecting your needs and valuing your time, space, money, and needs.

As moms, this is even more important than anything else!

I truly believe when a mama has a HIGH Self-Worth, she creates children who grow up to have high self-worth as well. And lord, do we they need it in this day and age!


The point here boo is to start learning to stand in your power again.

Be the powerful Divine QUEEN of your life and show up like you desire to be treated. You will start to see how life comes to meet you were you're at. So will everyone else around you.



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