How to Do Business, Motherhood & Life like a QUEEN!

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If you have been in my community for a while, you will know that I am sooooooo passionate about us ambitious Mommybosses doing business, motherhood & life like a QUEEN. And today, I want to explain to you what that means for me...

Being a QUEEN in motherhood means...
• setting boundaries at home, so that your children & man so they know when mama is working, or having "me-time"
• allowing your own intuition and desires to make decisions on how to raise your kids, NOT what your parents or friends think
• choosing to KNOW and believe that by you taking time to follow your dreams, you are NOT a "bad mom" or selfish for doing so... in actuality, you are showing you kids what is possible for their own dreams one day.. no #mommyguilt here!

Being a QUEEN in Business means...
• allowing your desires to LEAD you more than what "others" are doing online
• learn to leverage your time better so that you are ONLY using your sacred time on areas of your "zone of genius" and not hours on silly tasks that a VA can do.
• Creating products, courses & services that you are LIT UP and passionate about, which energetically speaking, allows more abundance & success to come to you
• setting your prices by what you FEEL is your value & in alignment to your vibration/energy you are comfortable & EXCITED to receive (BOTH!)

Being a QUEEN in Life means...
• to start exercise your right to use to say NO and have no GUILT about it
• allowing yourself to have more than you ever thought possible without feeling "unworthy"
• giving yourself the SPACE to have more sacred self-care time.. even if that means asking for more help around the house and in your business

As you can see mama, being a QUEEN in all areas of your life requires you to start thinking and BEING a Queen. As one of my 7-figure mentors has always said, "to live a life fit for a Queen, a woman must first BECOME a Queen!"

And that is what I desire to support you with IN 2018 boo...The Successful Mommyboss Queen or check out my 90-min intensive here.



Why transitioning to natural hair requires the SAME SKILLS as growing a Biz as a Mommyboss

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If you follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed that homegirl is going back natural... well for the 3rd and final time!

And let me tell you.... this is NOT an easy task!

You see, as a woman of colour, our hair is naturally curly/coily, and a majority of us choose to "chemically straighten" our hair to make it "straighter" and easier to manage.

Now I can sit here and explain this in #allthedetails, but that's not what this blog post is about. What I want to bring your attention to is that, since beginning my transition back to natural hair.. I have pinpointed some SIMILAR skills and attitudes that too, can be used in growing a business alongside motherhood.

Here they are as follows mama:

  • You need to be extremely PATIENT with yourself: When I focus on how long of a process it is to even wash and style my own hair now as a "transitioner", dealing with 2 hair textures, I have to remind myself consistently that I need to calm down my need to chop it all off and start fresh, or go straight to my salon for a texturizer again! Same goes for growing your first online business.. you must be gentle with yourself while learning about "landing pages", SEO, and converting Facebook ads... it all takes time, and especially as mamas, we DEFINITELY need more love and kindness to ourselves to balance this learning curve with motherhood.


  • You can't compare your hair to others hair, we are all different: As a newly natural-transitioning #curlygirl, I am constantly watching YouTube tutorials and skimming through Instagram hashtags on getting the latest curly-hair inspiration to keep me motivated and focused on my hair goals. HOWEVER this often leads to comparing my hair texture, length and curl pattern to others and can get me into a sulky mood real quick! At the end of the day, just like our hair, our businesses and our journey to growing them are all different and unique. We can't look at someone else and think that we MUST be exactly like them... it just isn't realistic! And plus, when we start to love and cherish our own unique curls and appreciate what we DO have, we can enjoy the hair journey a lot more... and same goes for our business journey to a thriving empire!


  • You get what you PUT IN... all the TLC is needed!: As my natural hair grows, and my excitement heightens, I have realized that this is long-term commitment and it's up to me to take really good care of my hair from now on... not just in this "transition stage"! Haircare is daily care, and I now realize that this will take a lot of time to treat my hair with the love and care it needs to thrive. And the same goes for our businesses! If it is our true purpose and passion why we started it in the first place, we are in it for the LONG HAUL... and with that commitment, we have decided to commit ourselves to everything it will take to see it through.. no matter how long or hard it might be. Heck, as I see it, there is no other option, so my business gets to have my attention, focus and love... including my money while growing it (of course this is aside from the love, focus and attention I give to my little family as well)!

What are your thoughts on my "hair transition & Business growth as a New Mompreneur" comparison mama? Have you ever experienced hair changes that took your commitment, time and love to achieve the goals your had for it? And how does that compare to your business goals as a Mommyboss?

I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Talk soon...



How to EMBODY the woman & success you desire to cultivate now as a Mommyboss

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Here is the honest truth that has taken me years to realize, and that I want to share with you today so that you can grasp it faster than I did with less stress...

There are two types of #Mommybosses in this world:

1. the one that BECOMES what she desires of herself by BEING, DOING & THEN HAVING what she wants


2. the one that WAITS TO BECOME what she desires because she doesn't HAVE #allthethings yet...

Do you want to know which of these mama's succeed in life, motherhood & Business boo?!?

Exactly.... #Mommyboss number 1!

What I have come to learn through A LOT of trial and error, plus a whole lotta tears & frustration is that you cannot have the life or success you crave as an ambitious woman and mom, if you do not allow yourself to BECOME that person FIRST!

You can try to do it the hard way, which is working hard to HAVE THE SUCCESS first ---> the house, the clients, the trips, etc... who end up feeling like a failure because it was harder than they thought to attain those things with the same mindset and actions they always had.

However, there is a MUCH EASIER WAY....

And that's what I am sharing with you now:

To HAVE THE DESIRES, DREAMS & SUCCESS you crave in any type pf business and lifestyle you want boo, you FIRST have to become the WOMAN WHO HAS THAT SUCCESS.

How you ask?

1. By surrounding yourself with people who ALREADY have what you want or are further ahead of you to getting it.

2. Work FIRST on your mindset!!!!!!!!! Not the strategy, or the pretty website, or hiring all the dream team people to help run your business & life... NOPE. Work on YOU & YOUR MIND FIRST!

3. Invest in a coach who can help you see the patterns that have been holding you back from becoming the woman you desire to be and allow this investment to triple your timeline to unlocking your potential, QUEEN and fierceness that you ALWAYS had within you. Click here to see if working together would be a good fit!

4. Don't rush it to "keep up with the joneses"... Stay in GRATEFUL EXPECTATION, knowing that what you desire for yourself, your family & your business is coming to you in due time, and for now, keep your VIBE as HIGH as possible by exercising Gratitude & expecting your dreams to unfold in perfect timing... (because it always does mama!)

All-in-all darling, know that everything you need to become the #Mommyboss and QUEEN of your life, family & Business is ALREADY within you... all you need to do is focus DAILY on becoming her in the way you THINK, ACT, and SHOW UP in all areas of your life!

Start to EMBODY that woman NOW.... no matter where you are currently. Remember boo, things can change EXTREMELY quickly when you get into the FLOW of the Universe & success!

Have an amazing week mama!



There comes a time when you just gotta SLAY mama.. (p.s: that time is NOW)

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If you're anything like me mama, then you are a "go-getter", take life by the reins, type of woman, and since becoming a mom, you still haven't changed.

You might not be singing on tour with Queen B, or walking side-by-side down the red carpet with Idris Elba (yet....LORD, that man is FINE) , but you still have A LOT of dreams within your heart that you just can't let go of...

Nor should you!

What I have come to learn is that success doesn't flow to the woman or #Mommyboss who is TIMID with her dreams and then coming true, but the QUEEN who stays the course and doesn't let time or life events (aka your children) side-track her from moving towards those dreams EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Little or BIG step... it truly doesn't matter.

The only thing that does is the fact that you are COMMITTED to NOT staying in the same place you were yesterday.

So let me share with you some simple Tips from life experience that I personally use and coach my mama-clients on, to show them how they too can move closer to that AUDACIOUS dream within them, along-side #SLAYING modern motherhood & life:

1.  STAY FOCUSED on the PRIZE at hand... not the LENGTH of time it will take.

No one said it would be easy to pursue your dreams as a mom (and wife), but who cares?!? If you want it bad enough, you will focus on what DRIVES you forward, not what is "holding you back".

2. SELF-CARE, PERIOD. - A Badass #Mommyboss who Slay's Biz & Life ALWAYS takes good care of herself throughout the ENTIRE JOURNEY!

Simply put, you are only going to be as good as how you treat yourself & feel. QUEEN-UP and get yourself some feminine radiance-time put back onto your calendar! You deserve it.

3. ASK YOURSELF ONE SIMPLE QUESTION each day before hopping out of bed: WHAT IS ONE THING I CAN DO TODAY (big or small) that will get me closer to the woman I desire to be?

I's simple... little steps bring you to your destination.. not standing still! Put one foot in-front of the other and make moves boo! Time is tickin'...

4. STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE. Comparison truly does KILL DREAMS faster than anything else out there boo!

No one ever does things in the same way, length of time or "flava" as you do mama. Stop looking over at every Susie, Nancy and Latavia are doing with their time and FOCUS ON YOURS! You got big things to create.. focus on that ONLY!

5. Who can HELP YOU... no one said you have to transform your life & reach your goals alone.

This is a present FACT. It will take you MUCH LONGER and stress you out 100000000x more if you try and guess you're way to the top. Take it from me boo.. it's a waste of our precious energy and time.. and boy, don't us mama's know we do not have that to waste!

6. SAY NO to what doesn't serve you or your Sacred Time. You will need as much of it to reach those BIG dreams!

I like to call this with my clients, Sexy Boundaries... they are "SEXY" because they are only the ones that you WANT to set up boundaries around, not what you were told to do or though you "should" have them around. Use your power and just say NO to anything that isn't in-line with where you desire to go. No guilt or shame here mama.


I would love to hear from YOU mama, what is the 1 tip from what I listed above that you will take away from this post and IMPLEMENT immediately? Let us know in the comments!

As always, you are a QUEEN... never forget you are WORTHY of your dreams & desires!





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3 Tips to PLAYING BIGGER as an Ambitious New Mompreneur!

3 BEST tips to PLAYING BIGGER as an Ambitious New Mompreneur!.png

It took me a long while to realize I was playing small in my dream business & growing the empire I desired to have.... 

I just didn't see all the ways I was "holding myself back", and now realize that it isn't uncommon with new mompreneurs to do the same!

You see mama, when we are first starting out, or even a few years into our entrepreneurial journey, we most often loose sight of our initial FLAME & passion for why we started, and we get all "fizzled out" by comparing ourselves to others, doubting our gifts, questioning if we have WHAT IT TAKES...

Ring true for you mama?

That's why I curated these TOP 3 TIPS on helping ambitious mompreneurs like you and & I, to PLAY A BIGGER GAME! I knew my entire business TRANSFORMED & literally "went viral" when I decided to STAND IN MY POWER, CLAIM MY WORTH, and INVESTED IN MY DREAMS... and you can have the same for your business!

Here's how:


Decide to CLAIM your seat at the table of the most successful, who you admire. You are no different than them. They ALL started with a dream & allowed themselves to BELIEVE in them and go for it! You. Can. Too.

2. Get into the COMPANY of others who PLAY BIG.

You will ALWAYS RISE to the level of your surroundings mama... whether that's positively UP-LEVELLING or the opposite. You get to CHOOSE! I say, make the choice of where you chill, who you share your dreams with & the people you collaborate/work with based on WHERE YOU WANT TO GO NEXT! No matter how uncomfortable it might be in the beginning for you. Just STRETCH yourself.

3. Hold a BIGGER Vision for your business than you started with.

The bigger you ALLOW your vision of your business, impact & success can be, the more it will grow and PULL you into becoming the #MOMMYBOSS who has that vision as her reality! This is STRAIGHT TRUTH BOO.


Hope you enjoyed these tips mama! Just remember, at the end of the day.. it's all about the JOURNEY and who you are BECOMING in the process of it. Realize how much you have already grown & accomplished and see to it that you celebrate EACH and every "little" or BIG accomplishment along the way.

I believe in you darling!<3




p.s: If you desire to LEVEL-UP to becoming the QUEEN of your Life & Business again, along side modern motherhood, then I invite you to book a call with me here. It's free and you ain't got nothin to lose baby-girl, but so much to gain! Get back your power & realize you have everything that it takes to creating the life of your dreams... don't let busy motherhood stop you from PLAYING BIG!