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“She’s understanding and accommodating to me as a fellow mom.”

My session with Rochelle was so insightful & not to mention, helpful! She was able to take my answers to her questionnaire, and break them down to get to the root of my desires, which in turn will better facilitate my implementation strategy to achieve them.

Rochelle is knowledgable and didn’t make any of my answers feel juvenile in any way. She’s understanding and accommodating to me as a fellow mom, and wasn’t irritated or rushing me when I had to tend to my son. 

 If you’re a mom who has dreams that you’ve put on the back-burner, and don’t subscribe to the notion that you have to put your life on hold until your child is “big” enough, I HIGHLY recommend booking a session with Rochelle! There is work involved, but she stands behind you through it, and roots you on to your success.

Violette of AbsolutViolette.com

“You have provided great clarity, guidance, and tools”

Oh my gosh! I can’t tell you how much pressure was alleviated thanks to my session with you. You have provided great clarity, guidance, and tools to get my business moving in the right direction. There’s just so much relief and so much less clutter jumbling around in my mind. 

Thank you!

Shaneequa of The Write Diva


"You are a gem and every mama in this group is insanely lucky to be in your presence, including ME <3

You're the best!"


— a member of The Fierce, Fabulous Millennial Mommyboss community


“I am now more motivated than ever”

” Before my call with Rochelle, I didn’t have any sense of direction and thought that between my busy work schedule and taking care of my young family, hoping to tackle another project was plain unrealistic. Within just 15 minutes, Rochelle’s simple approach helped me put things in perspective. Also, I must say that the fact that she has kids of her own and is still able to manage her busy schedule with grace and fun has made me realize that I have untapped resources that I can leverage to make it happen. Since our call, instead of being discouraged, I am now more motivated than ever when i think of the things I need to do to implement my project. Deep down I know that I will make it happen and that I will enjoy every step of the process!

Thank you Rochelle! ”

Elizenda of hrinfluence.wordpress.com

I was able to navigate my brain and find my way back to my own path

Thank you so much for the clarity! I had gotten so bogged down in fear and doubt that I got lost in my own mind! You are such a genuine and caring person that I felt I could open up and tell you what was honestly troubling me! Because of that, I was able to navigate my brain and find my way back to my own path! You are definitely anointed and appointed by God and the universe to change lives!

Thank you so much for following your calling and helping me to remain true to mine!

Shanta WilkersonOwner of The Prosperity Champ


“...helped me get down to the nitty-gritty and really brought out my potential and purpose

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" I was fortunate enough to work with mama-boss Rochelle as I was stuck in a rut and needed support. As a young mum of 2 myself, Rochelle helped me get down to the nitty-gritty and really brought out my potential and purpose. I loved every minute working with her and a true friendship was born out of it. It has been a pleasure and Rochelle really helped me understand why so many of us are stuck even though we want more for ourselves and children. I came to understand our power lies in our mindsets and although we hear it all the time it's actually true. Working with Rochelle allowed me to look at myself from a birds eye view and she gave me the tools and push i needed to work on my dreams. Im not there yet but would work with Rochelle in a heart beat. Im going to make you proud Rochelle, i promise you.

Stephanie Agyei


The sessions will be life changing!

I won a free month long session with Rochelle and let me tell you it was A -M-A-Z-I-N-G!  First her hours fit my current lifestyle. She also took the time to listen then probe me with the right questions to move my thinking in the correct direction. I LOVED the homework at the end of each session! With the application of the processes we developed together these sessions would not have been beneficial.  If you have the opportunity to schedule somet time with her I highly suggest that you do. The sessions will be life changing!


Glynda Dove - www.facebook.com/dovecosmm  


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