THE Sucessful Queen MOMMYBOSS:

A Signature PRIVATE Coaching Experience for

Millennial moMPRENEURS

For the 20-30 "something" Ambitious Mompreneur that is READY to DO Modern Motherhood, Life & Business like a queen!



How would it FEEL to:


- PRIORTIZE your feminine pleasure & desires, MINUS the #mommyguilt, that will allow you to create a life the FEELS enjoyable & FUN again because you decided to put your needs as TOP PRIORITY..

- Get better at listening to exactly what your body and soul want, and learn to communicate those needs more powerfully and confidently to your spouse, family and others around you, so that there's NO MORE HIDING pieces of yourself to those you love..

- Start to HONOUR your feminine-side within busy motherhood & show up as the woman you DESIRE to be, so that you have a strong connection to your Intuition again and allow this sacred power to guide you back to your most JOYFUL & PLEASURE-FILLED Life..

- NO LONGER question your TRUTH as a woman & mom, standing firmly in your decisions & choices so that you get better at owning your new found truth and power as a woman, who intentionally chooses her own path that's BEST for her & her family.. 


- Step FULLY into a woman who has HIGH SELF-WORTH, who doesn't allow motherhood to stop her from her CREATING & LIVING her desired life & experiences, so that you can go FIERCELY after your dreams with little questioning if you a "worthy" of having it or "good enough" to experience it now!


Then this program is for YOU...



Imagine if you started to EMBODY the QUEEN within you...

in the way you create & grow your dream THRIVING online business..

in your relationship with you man...

in the way you mother your kids & show up at home...


You see mama, when a woman makes the BOLD DECISION to stop settling in life and start to play a bigger game with her desires, her dreams and how she overall GETS TO EXPERIENCE LIFE... things, people and opportunities come her way!



I want this for you mama...


I was able to navigate my brain and find my way back to my own path

Because of that, I was able to navigate my brain and find my way back to my own path!

Thank you so much for following your calling and helping me to remain true to mine!

- Shanta WilkersonOwner of The Prosperity Champ



  • You are an ambitious mama between 20's to late 30's who feels completely exhausted with the way your life is playing out
  • You are seriously wanting a CHANGE... in how you show-up in your relationships, business/work, motherhood AND life
  • You want to gain more CONTROL over how you live your life, what you allow into your life & how much Pleasure & Joy you get to experience, now, alongside busy motherhood
  • You are TIRED of feeling like a VICTIM to your life and "roles" you taken on.. you are truly ready to get back in the CREATOR seat and begin re-writing your desires, your dreams & your wants
  • You want to RAISE your SELF-WORTH & CONFIDENCE in who you truly are and who you were MEANT TO BE (not just a millennial mom/wife)
  • You are ready to UP-LEVEL THEIR BUSINESS & LIFE in a way that FEELS GOOD to them.. minus the burnout, overwhelm and guilt.


This Program is your SOLUTION to becoming the WOMAN, MOMMYBOSS & QUEEN you know in your heart you desire to be...

I was exactly where you are now mama.. and I know how lonely it can feel...

the overwhelm..

the guilt over wanting to pursue your BIG dreams within motherhood..

the shame to sharing your desires with those you love and being judged for them..


I designed this Program to be the first step in you taking back CONTROL of your life & Business, and not allowing modern motherhood to LIMIT you & the woman you desire to be!

What we will cover together:

  • QUEEN Mindset for Success digging out the "junk" to welcome in our new beliefs about yourselves & what you can have & become 
  • Feminine Essence & daily self-care rituals: our innate Power as women - think Sensuality, Intuition, Body, & OWNING our cycles as women
  • Creating an aligned business model that allows you to do have a business that is in alignment to your desires, family & personal needs
  • Feminine & Masculine principles of owning, growing & having a thriving Business that brings you JOY, with less force & overwhelm
  • PLEASURE for getting back in touch with the fun, Radiant & sensual woman you were before the kids
  • Feminine Self-Care to show up to life as the Best Version of yourself & feel like the QUEEN you desire
  • Time-Management systems for Queens to build a SCALABLE business that doesn't allow your to burnout
  • Self-WORTH & Self-CONFIDENCE - to remember who we truly are as woman, what makes us special & how we can show up daily OWNING it!
  • "Balancing" Busy Motherhood with our own DESIRES & GOALS as a woman - which isn't really balance at all!



Two SIGNATURE option levels to choose from:


 (1) The 4-Month Experience includes:

  • 1 x 90-minute Pleasure & Success Breakthrough Intensive to begin our work together (first session)
  • 3 x 60-Minute calls each month (11 TOTAL), + 1 week off  EACH MONTH for your #PLEASURE week, to relax, integrate this months work & add pleasure to your life! (Will be RECORDED & emailed to you after)
  • Unlimited Email & Facebook messenger access - voice and message
  • Access to all my programs (group, mastermind, live events) for that full calendar year of when we started work together
  • Access to my Exclusive LIFE-CHANGING reading list and resources I personally use!


(2) VIP OPTION: THE 6-month experience includes:

Includes everything listed above (minus the fast action bonus for option one), PLUS:

  • 2 extra months of high-level coaching (18 x 60-minute sessions TOTAL)
  • 1 x 90-min Pleasure & Success Wrap-up Intensive (2 x 90-minute online intensives TOTAL)

FAST ACTION BONUS for Paid in Full (ONLY the next 3 Queens who sign-up): a Beautiful Body Massage voucher for any spa of your choice (small print up to $200 USD max) Queens need self-care! What better way than to start off our coaching than enjoying a luxurious spa massage to get into feeling like a QUEEN!


**Monthly Payment plans available for both options**

What RESULTS you can EXPECT after working together:

  • Deeply believe in themselves again & your desires!
  • Have a stronger connection to your power.... your INTUITION
  • Feel more aligned with your business model & how you operate as a Mommyboss
  • Have in place beautiful, sexy boundaries to guard your sacred time
  • Have a strong sense of WORTHINESS and with that, allow yourself to receive the wealth, love & respect you desire AND deserve
  • Have new self-care routines that will aid you in showing up powerfully & radiant as a Mama, Business owner & Woman.
  • Connect deeper with your desires and no longer shy away from claiming and HAVING them
  • Lock in higher Self-Confidence in who you are... in your beautiful, raw TRUTH.
  • Created a schedule for business & home that allows more Pleasure, fun & "ME-TIME".
  • Charge more for your services so that you can create BIGGER IMPACT in the world & ABUNDANCE
  • Strengthened Wealth Consciousness and worthiness of abundance so that you can create it with more EASE.
  • Know how to manage your time and daily to-do's like a QUEEN
  • Manifest your dream life by being in alignment to the woman you have to be to HAVE IT
  • and much more...


“...helped me get down to the nitty-gritty and really brought out my potential and purpose

 Rochelle really helped me understand why so many of us are stuck even though we want more for ourselves and children. I came to understand our power lies in our mindsets and although we hear it all the time it's actually true. Working with Rochelle allowed me to look at myself from a birds eye view and she gave me the tools and push I needed to work on my dreams. 


— Stephanie Agyei - Model & Activist


Still unsure if this program is right for you mama or have more questions? Let's talk!



Apply for a FREE 30-minute  Breakthrough Session below:



This call is LIMITED TO ONLY mama's who are serious about working together in this intimate, high-level way.

Please DO NOT book a call if you are not ready to work with me at this time.

I want to respect my SACRED time & yours! 



I am new to coaching, how does this work if I sign-up to work with you?

Easy! When you apply for a FREE call with me, we will discuss the program in more detail and see if it is a good solution for you and your desires. Then once we confirm it is, then I will give you the payment link purchase your coaching program with me. Once that's done, you will then be emailed your contract and welcome packet to complete and send back to me before our first session starts. You will receive a welcoming email to our coaching sessions together with information about our first session and scheduling details. Then, we have scheduled our sessions each week going forward (with one week off per month) and begin!

Why do I need to hire a coach? Can't I just figure this out on my own?

You absolutely can darling, but at what length of time and cost to you? You see, coaching is a powerful experience where someone that is not your family member, spouse or friend, allows you to be vulnerable, unlock the deeper answers you always had within you by asking powerful, transformative questions and supporting you to get to your own truth, with less questioning, guessing and doubting. You will be held accountable, kept highly confidential & truly supported like a best friend, without BS'ing you or telling you what you "want" to hear. Coaching is LIFE-CHANGING & when we start working together if we do, you will see why!

What if I can't afford working with you but I truly need your help?

Well mama, You can do one of these two things: Figure out what it's costing you financially, emotionally and possibly physically, from allowing yourself to make a change in your life that you truly desire & want. If you feel that it is worth things staying the same & not changing anything, then that's fine! You can enjoy my free content on the blog & in my Private FB group. However, if you truly desire CHANGE in your life as a modern, ambitious mama who is ready to take a STAND for her pleasure & desired life, then apply for a call here & lets brainstorm ways that we can make this life-changing investment work! 

Why should I choose you as my coach?

First and foremost, you "SHOULD" never do something, no matter what it is. I teach my mama-clients to intentionally make their decisions based on their Intuition and how they desire to feel when they do that thing. If you have read through my website & watched the video above, and truly feel a pull in your heart to work together, then it's meant to be & I would love serving you as your Transformational Coach. If you don't have that inclination to work together, then that's ok too. All I know is that what's meant to be will always happen & in PERFECT TIMING. Trust your gut and allow it to lead you to where you need to be. I did and it has NEVER steered me wrong! I am a Transformational coach, with over 6 years of career coaching under my belt, a loving mama and wife and I can definitely get downnnn to some old school R&B! If I am your jammm, then lets just do the damn thing! If not, no worries mama! <3