Queen Success Retreat: 5-Day Retreat in Southern, Italy

a Luxury, queen-like 5-day retreat experience for women & moms to FEEL LIKE A QUEEN again…



Reclaim your dreams for your life in a safe environment

Bask in delicious self-care, luxury suRroundings & gourmet eating


…in the beautiful, tranquil southern part of Italy.


How would it FEEL like to…

  • break-away from your typical daily routine and wisk off to the beautiful country-side of lush southern Italy, for a 4-night, 5-day stay in a modern Italian Villa with a handful of women who too want to re-discover their Queen within for the next blissful week together

  • enjoy daily gourmet meals cooked by our personal chef - (Italian style of course!) while experiencing the BEST of Southern Italy with fun excursions planned, unique, culture-rich markets, cafés and shopping experiences that are less than a 10-min walk from our villa for the week

  • experience powerful coaching circles & group experiences that will support you in re-discovering your deepest desires as a woman, dreams and goals of yours before you had kids and became busy and enjoy being in a supportive environment of other women who GET YOU

  • Bliss-out on a once-in-a-lifestyle wellness schedule for the week that includes Yoga & Meditation, Luxurious Spa treatment at a private Italian location, fun group excursions around local cities and shopping of course!.

  • Have a reason to finally back a bag for yourself and kiss your family good-bye for a much needed SINGLE TRIP to re-lax, re-charge and re-prioritize yourself and your desires again… without the guilt!

One word that comes to mind for me… QUEEN!


holistic, All-inclusive Luxury retreat Experience -> Desire & Dreams clarity -> the art of Feminine receiving

= wrapped up into one beautiful week long experience created just for Y O U.

The WOMAN behind the roles of mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, co-worker, business owner.

What you will feel like when you return back to your life after this queenhood experience. . .

Rejuvenated - clear minded - E M P O W E R E D in your feminine

Relaxed - in-touch with your body, Intuition and desires

Feeling INSPIRED - revitalized - INTENTIONAL about the way you will create your life from here on out

Blissful - A radiant woman -

ready for more. . .


This lUXURIOUS RETREAT experience is for the mom who truly is ready to EMBODY her Queen…

in ALL areas of her life again.


IN Tuscany, Italy

For a beautiful 5-Day Luxurious Queen Success Retreat.


April 20-25, 2019

You will enjoy:

- 5 Days of ACCESS to intimate coaching & desire mapping as a group

- Beautiful, spacious Italian Villa with indoor & outdoor space for us to enjoy, relax & stay in

- Delicious gourmet meals each day made by our private chef + refreshments

- Guest Speaker(s) to empower, uplift & inspire you on your Journey to Queen


Here is what you will get in this Luxury Retreat experience:

  • 5 Days, 4 nights of stay in the Italian Villa (separate spacious bedrooms with private en-suites)

  • 5 days of access to transformational coaching, group exercises and sisterhood building

  • Daily meals each day that is cooked by our private, in-house chef

  • Access to special guest(s) - Yoga & Meditation Facilitator & Pole Dance Instructor/Women’s Empowerment

  • 1 blissful Spa treatment experience & other handful of fun excursions as a group around Italy & shopping






  1. Is Flights, meals and accommodations included in the Southern Italy Retreat?

    Flights and transfers to-and-from airport are NOT covered in this retreat in Tuscany. However, Full accommodations, Meals (2-3 per day), retreat curriculum with me and the other women + guest speaker(s), Spa treatment & refreshments for each day ARE covered. The location we will be hosting this retreat at will be 25 mins from the local Airport.

  2. Is there any guarantee of what my life will be like after completing this program and retreat with you?

    The short answer is no. There is no guarantee for anything. What matters is YOUR personal decision on if you will let this beautiful coaching program and experience change your life like it has mine and other women. I will give you all the tools you need plus guidance and support but I cannot force you to use them and incorporate them into your life after working together. It’s always been YOUR CHOICE.

  3. How does the payment plan work for this?

    Every woman who wants to confirm their spot has to put down their initial deposit to be confirmed. Once recieved, you will have monthly or bi-weekly payments leading up to the retreat date - with final payment due 1 exact month before retreat start date - March 20th, 2019. PayPal, E-transfers & credit Card payments accepted.

  4. Is there a refund policy for your program and retreat, if I cannot make it?

    Our refund policy for this retreat access has NO refunds after purchasing both in full or via payment plans. For the retreat, you will not be able to get a refund on any payments you have made if you cannot attend but the equivalent VALUE for the retreat access can be used for a future program within 1 year of date of payment. This allows each woman who is thinking about working with me, to get into her power around her desires as a QUEEN and to invest in herself with FULL committed to the work at hand.

  5. Will I get my own room for the retreat or sharing with others?

    For the first handful of women who book with their $500 deposit, there will be a chance to have their own private room and en suite. Once those are booked, the rest of the guests “might” be sharing with 1 other women and sharing a spacious bathroom. First come, first choice. However, that is why we made this an INTIMATE experience and have limited the spots to a small group of women who can attend.. for space and comfort of all guests.

  6. What if I have a food allergy?

    A few weeks before we leave to Tuscany, I will collect each participants food allergy/requests to make sure they are given to our private chef before hand. We will try out best to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Other questions?

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