I was once that mompreneur who worked her way literally into the ground, trying to build my DREAM online empire by struggle & force, and it almost cost me my marriage, well-being & happiness...

  • Are you a mompreneur between the age of 20-39, who is in her first few years of owning your own online business but feeling stuck, overwhelmed and straight up EXHAUSTED while trying to manage your family-life?

  • Do you feel like you are constantly in that "PUSH-mode" of your business, where you are busy doing everything you can to create the success you desire but nothing is working out the way you want it to?

  • Are you glued to your phone or laptop, constantly checking to see if any new clients want to work you, even during dinner time, story time and on the couch with you man at the end of the day?

You might be thinking to yourself, "wow Rochelle... how do you know?!?!"

Well darling, because I been there too.. and not too long ago either.

A year ago, I started my online coaching business while on maternity leave with my 2nd baby, and I had a belief that creating a business from scratch had to be "HARD". And of-course, with that belief.. so came the STRUGGLE!

I adopted what I saw my own parents go through and believed in... that money didn't grow on trees.... that you have to work HARD for what you wanted and that nothing comes easy.... 

Have you been victim to these say family money stories & beliefs too?

As much as we can sit her and BLAME our mama's and dad's about how they ruined our lives from brainwashing us with these terrible beliefs...

instead, we can just DROP THEM.


Because they aren't are beliefs, nor should we continue to carry them around like they are.


When I finally realized what this belief and mindset was doing to my happiness, business success and my life... I knew I needed a change and FAST!

Within a matter of weeks of becoming aware of this deep-set limiting belief and BLOCK, I started working with a coach to help me re-balance both my Masculine & Feminine energies so that I now:

  • Run my business like the Divine Queen I desire to be

  • Put into practice DAILY self-care rituals and practices that allow me to show-up fully as my best-self & taken care of FIRST

  • Make my priorities a NON-Negotiable, which includes quiet evenings with my boys, un-interrupted time with my man & significant "me-time" daily

  • Have a consistent time-management system that allows me to work less time "on my business" & more time working "in my business", doing work I am truly passionate about


Anxiety and struggle do not attract your good.
— Marianne Williamson

Just IMAGINE what you would feel like...

  • To not feel "out-of sync" with your true core Desires & Worth as a woman & Mompreneur
  • To banish away for good the feeling of "guilt and shame" when it comes to taking came of yourself & giving yourself what you want
  • To create and grow a business that is in true Alignment to your life's purpose, without hiding ANY parts of yourself from others
  • To be the DIVINE QUEEN of your life and business again... starting by taking care of YOU first
  • Showing up more powerfully, nourished, full-filled and ready to serve your clients at the highest level because you KNOW YOUR VALUE, WORTH & MAGNIFICENCE now

You CAN experience all of these feelings mama, and a lot sooner then you think!

When you re-learn WHO YOU ARE, and HOW TO USE BOTH your Masculine & Feminine energies to allow for more ease, flow & self-care into your Business & Life... 



THREE Options to work together:


Divine queen mommyboss intensive:

for the mommyboss ready to dive back deeply into what she wants, who she desires to be and how she desires to feel like again in her Life and business. This is a powerful way to transform your life in a day, while indulging in the fine lifestyle you deserve.

What's Included:

  • 1/2 Day VIP Intensive with me in Toronto at a beautiful Spa location, perfect for re-connecting with your inner Divine Queen!
    • 1-Hour Intro Deep-coaching Mastermind - to start of, up-level your mindset & tap into your receiving-mode
    • Deep-dive Welcome packet to get deeper into what you desire for your Business & Life again
    • VIP Queen Massage + Mani & Pedi treatment
    • A Beautiful 3-course Lunch with Rochelle, discussing your desires, new business model plan and next steps to implement
    • Full email access up to 30 days after intensive
    • 1 x 60-min Follow-up call within 30 days of in-person intensive (valued at $150)


OR, if an international mama who cannot make the in-person intensive day:


  • ONLINE INTENSIVE: 3 x 2-Hour Skype/Zoom Coaching Intensives
    • Deep-dive Welcome packet to get deeper into desires, new boundaries creation, self-care routines & business plan
    • Full email access up to 30 days after first intensive




Re-discover Your "Inner" Divine Queen: 4-week Private 1:1 Coaching:


areas I can support you on:

  • Re-Connecting to your DEEPEST DESIRES, Dreams & wants as a Woman outside of "motherhood"
  • Re-Discovering your TRUTH (Life-Purpose) again and how to use your feminine power to tap into it
  • Divine SELF-CARE: creating daily, weekly & monthly rituals & sacred practices to FILL YOUR CUP FIRST!
  • The Art of Receiving as a Woman, using gratitude and receptivity to unblock the flow of all you desire to you
  • Re-connecting to the power of your INTUITION as a Woman & Mommyboss to create an aligned Business Model that works!
  • Self-Worth re-programming from past, childhood trauma or wounds
  • Creating a SUSTAINABLE business model & system that WORKS for you & how you desire to FEEL each day
  • Allowing PLEASURE back into your life, which is one of the most POWERFUL forces a woman can tap into and use


What's Included:

  • 4 weekly x 90-minute coaching 'intensive' calls over Skype/Zoom
  • Access to all my webinar trainings, workbooks, reading lists and supportive tools
  • Recording of all coaching calls, saved on your own private Dropbox Folder
  • Unlimited Email support from me for the entire 4-weeks



  • 1 x 60-minute follow-up Coaching calls to check-in and provide additional support & resources. (valued at $150)


The value for all of this is well over $2000, but for a limited time only....


Your Investment: $900

Run your Business like a Divine Queen: 4-month Private 1:1 Coaching:


This program is for the new mompreneur that is ready to re-create her business & life as the divine Queen mommyboss she desires to be. It is a deep-dive into creating the right structures, systems, boundaries and self-care routines that create an aligned, sustainable business model & radiant mommyboss.

- Transform your Money Story and Wealth Mindset to one of a Divine Queen

- Create a business model that FEELS so damn good to you, that it is almost effortless

- Re-structure your boundaries around your life, relationships, home and business to allow you to show up POWERFULLY & SUPPORTED

- Implement a new daily Divine Queen Mommyboss Self-Care routine to support you in feeling Radiant, Full-filled & Inspired each day


What's included:

  • 3 weekly x 1-hour calls each month (9 total), with 1-week off to implement, complete assigned "business-building work" & self-care time to yourself
  • Unlimited Email Support from me for the entire 3-months
  • recording of all coaching calls, sent to you to keep for deeper review & support
  • access to all my trainings, resources and systems used in building my own successful online business



  • 2 X 60-minute follow-up coaching calls to provide you with additional support & resources (valued at $300).


The value for all of this is well over $5000, but only for a limited time...


Your Investment: $3000 (3 spots left for MAY-June)

payment plans are available on request



WHO these SIGNATURE programs are INTENDED for:

  • The Mompreneur who gives way TOO MUCH of herself in her business & life and is now ready to learn the ART of Receiving
  • The woman who is ready to Re-discover her "inner Divine Queen" to help her grow her self-worth, well-being & NET-WORTH
  • The Mama who knows the true VALUE of this type of High-level coaching & wants the support from someone who has been where she is
  • The Mommyboss who is DONE showing up in her Business & Life feeling burnt-out, exhausted & overwhelmed on how to build her EMPIRE, nurture her family & care for herself in the meantime
  • The Mama who is ready to UPLEVEL - in all areas of her life!!!



Is this YOU darling? If you are screaming "YES", apply for a call below with me today:


Special message to you... the Divine Queen and Mommyboss:

Many times as women & mamas, we tell ourselves that our needs don't matter that much, or that we can have what we want "later"... but why? And at what cost to our own well-being and happiness?

It is finally time for us to RISE UP and allow to live & be treated like the QUEENS that we were created to be... starting with the way we treat ourselves.

You are the creator of your life mama... and with that power, you literally can create ANYTHING you desire.

First get clear on how you desire to feel, what you desire to have and how you desire to live. Then make it your reality my taking the necessary steps to manifesting it into your life.

You do not need to wait... feel guilt for wanting that LUXE lifestyle or to want your own successful empire and be a mama & wife at the same time. 

YOU WANT WHAT YOU WANT... and thats ok.

Take it from me darling... it is much better to own your truth, wants & desires then hide them. It will change your life, relationships & business success if you OWN IT and step into the woman & Mommyboss you desire to be....